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Mar 8, 2019 | 3 comments


A while ago now, I was doing a filming day for a feature and the producer made me do a part again. I was filmed writing out a meal plan and I had put Lasagna on one of the days. He said, ‘that’s American, I don’t want you to put that, put the English spelling of ‘Lasagne”. Well, since then, I’ve discovered it’s not an American spelling at all. Lasagna is a single dish, and more than one is called Lasagne. It’s not just recipes on this site you know!

I have bought the most perfect glass lasagna dish, exactly the right size for two, it measures 18cmx13cmx5cm deep. And since buying it, I have been experimenting with different flavoured lasagna. I’ve kept the pasta, bechamel layer and amount of cheese exactly the same each time and just changed the ragu layer.

The basic quantities come from a lasgana recipe in The Silver Spoon, the Mrs Beetons of Italy. I was sure I had blogged that recipe, but apparently not, another one to post!

The first one I tried this way used a beautiful red lentil ragu I’d made a previous day

Lentil Ragu Lasagna

I now have THE most enormous list of different flavours to try. We could well be having a differently flavoured lasagna on the meal plan for months! So far on the list I have:-

bns, fennel? carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, savoy cabbage, leek, roasted pepper, caramelised onion, swede? sweet potato, walnut, parsnip, red cabbage, pea, sun dried falafel mix, mushy pea, sausage/haggis. Doubtless, there will be more being added as I go along. As I try them, I’ll update this post and let you know how they went, good or not so good.

In the meantime, This is a Vegetable lasagna I made for meal plan 10

Veggie Lasagna 43p a serving – Meal Plan 10

A version based on a Slimming World recipe that uses rinsed baked beans

Cheesy Bean Lasagna, based on a SW recipe, 60p a servi g

One that features in a Christmas leftovers post and uses leftover roast pork, apple, onion and stuffing. The combination works really well

Christmas Meal Plan Leftovers – Pork, Apple & Stuffing Lasagna, 26p a portion

A version using a more conventional meat ragu, featured in meal plan 7

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This version from Thinking Thrifty uses a pressure king pro

thinking thrifty lasagna


I love Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s approach to recipes, and this kale and mushroom lasagna can be found all over the internet. It’s from Hugh’s book Veg Every Day, which I love. I’ve found several recipes that have become family favourites from there
This the Kindle version of that book

If you really want to go for it, this is Hugh’s version of a traditional lasagna

I really want to try this River Cottage Squash and Fennel version, sounds amazing

This Jamie Oliver version calls itself the ultimate Vegetable Lasagna. It’s too huge and has too many ingredients to be something I’ll ever tackle

There are some really good pointers in this article, including the use of pesto in lasagne. How good would that be!


When that worked really well, I tried swapping out the red lentil ragu for a mushroom ragu. That was really good as well!

Mushroom Ragu Lasagna


Tomato lasagna, the first one I did

Tomato Lasagna


Beetroot and orange version, really good, especially with walnuts in the salad

Beetroot Ragu Lasagna


Have you ever tried green pea hummus? It’s really good, and amazing in this lasagna

Green Pea Hummus Lasagna


Lentil Ragu Lasagna

Mushroom Ragu Lasagna

Tomato Lasagna

Beetroot Ragu Lasagna

Green Pea Hummus Lasagna




  1. Kayleigh Watkins

    I didnt know the difference between the spellings, but now I do, thank you, I love Lasagne and have always spelt it that way, I always buy a family size one, but bought my fiance the gino de’campo italian recipe book, im still waiting for the promised taste of Italy xx

  2. Lesley

    You’re very welcome. Lots more to come yet too!

  3. Jeannie Hardacre

    Wonderfully informative variety of Lasagna versions for us all to try… Inspirational… Wonder-filled
    Thanks Lesley!

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