Meal Plan 8 – Chicken and veg with a coconut & peanut butter sauce 45p each

Mar 12, 2015 | 2 comments


This is a yummy dinner on Meal Plan 8. Crispy veg, gorgeous, nutty, creamy sauce, yum yum.

100g chicken, 680g meat gleaned from a 1.3kg/£3.22 bird, 47p
100g onion, Asda 2kg/£1.08, 11p
100g white cabbage, Asda 1kg/58p, 6p
100g carrots, Asda 2kg/£1.14, 6p
40g peanut butter, Asda 340g/62p, 7p
30g creamed coconut Asda 200g/76p, 11p
15ml oil, 1 litre/£1.25, 2p
Total cost 90p, 2 generous servings, 45p each

Peel and chop the onion and fry it in the oil. Add the carrots and cabbage, chopped small. Fry the vegetables until soft.

Now add the chicken, sliced into small lumps.

Chop the creamed coconut finely and stir together with the peanut butter with a little hot water to make a sauce. Stir through the cooked chicken and veg or pour over on the plate.
Serves 2

On meal plan 8, serve this twice in the week. If not following the plan, vary the vegetables to whatever you have or want to use. Use green cabbage, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, peas, grated swede or parsnip, fennel bulb, celeriac, runner beans from the garden, red or white radish, or any other veg in any combination you fancy.

If you aren’t following the plan, you can substitute just over a third of a tin of coconut milk for the creamed coconut. 50g of creamed coconut is the equivalent of half a tin of milk.



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