Spanish Omelette 46p, we had ours with sweet potato chips and kale crisps

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Had an old favourite for dinner tonight. It’s another one of those dishes that can be used for all kinds of sundry leftovers. All you need is a tasty mix, that you then pour eggs over and top with cheese if you like.

Spanish omelette

I used some leftover green beans from the WI lunch, a carrot, an onion and some mushrooms that needed using today.

I have priced it using bought in ingredients, but do have a look in the fridge first if you make this and see what’s in there.

3 eggs, Asda free range, mixed weight, 15/£2, 13.3p each, 40p
50g cheese Asda White Stilton 250g/50p, 10p
200g potato Asda 2.5kg/£1.69, 13p
200g carrots Asda 2kg/£1, 10p
150g onion Asda 2kg/£1.07, 8p
150g peas Asda 1kg/78p, 12p
Total cost 93p, 46p per serving

Non free range eggs are cheaper at 8p each

Sweet potato, Asda £1.10/kg
Kale, Asda, 97p/200g

Peel and dice the potato, peel and slice the onion, dice the carrot and add them all to a frying pan with a little oil. Cook gently until the vegetables are soft.

Spanish omelette

Once cooked, tip over the beaten eggs, ensure all the veg are mixed in, but don’t mix too much, or you’ll have scrambled eggs. Sprinkle over the grated cheese and cover. Cook gently until the eggs are set and the cheese melted, pop it under the grill to brown if you like. It would look nicer than the rather splodge like omelette on the plate above

We had ours with sweet potato chips and kale crisps. I’ve shown the price of those in Asda, but the kale in particular can be had much cheaper elsewhere. I got mine from the greengrocer.

If you want sweet potato chips, while the veg are cooking for the omelette, peel and chop a sweet potato into chunks. Drizzle with oil, season and put in a medium oven. Cook for about half an hour.

Today is the first time I have tried kale crisps! I just washed a big leaf and chopped it up. Rubbed some oil into it and sprinkled with salt. Turned out to be too much salt. Much too much salt. I cooked them with the sweet potato for about 15-20 minutes. It would have been better if I’d cut the leaves off the stems too as the stems stayed a bit too tough, save them and use them in soup or something.

If, like me, you’ve never tried them, they came out dry and crisp, almost like the crispy fried seaweed you get in Chinese restaurants. They don’t have the strong green taste that steamed kale has and children may well like them better. I shall def be making some more, with no salt!

If I’d had any opened baked beans I would have used those in the omelette, you could rinse the sauce off first if you like. Any leftover roast veg would be great, especially if they have lovely garlicky oil on them. A few lentils could go in, half a sausage leftover (is there such a thing as half a leftover sausage?), a bit of bacon, crisped up, a few shreds of meat, leftover roast potatoes (see sausages), a fine shred or two of fennel, diced beetroot, a bit of broccoli stalk.

You could season it with sweet chilli sauce on top: a bit of mustard or horseradish:garlic and chilli; ginger and turmeric, etc



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