Aldi bargains (1) Peperonata, 53p

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Peperonata is one of those things that we have pretty often. It is a pepper and onion stew that goes with many things, can be used as a main dish or as a side. We first started having it with cheesey gougere, which is choux pastry.


For two people you will need
2 peppers, any colour, Aldi 3 for 89p, 59p
Tin value tomatoes, 34p
A biggish onion, 5p
200g value rice, 40p/kg, 8p
£1.06 in total, 53p a portion

Slice the onion and peppers. Sauté the onion in a little oil until transparent. Add the peppers and fry gently until the peppers are cooked. You can cover them to keep the moisture in.

Add the tomatoes and season to taste.

Serve with the cooked rice.

If you are feeding 4 people, you could use just the one pack of 3 peppers and an extra onion. Or if you want the extra 2 peppers of course, buy two packs.
Peperonata goes well with noodles, or as a jacket potato topping, or with couscous, or hot, buttery mash and maybe a green vegetable or crispy salad dressed with vinaigrette, or works very well as a pancake filling, with or without cheese on top.

It can be used as a side dish with hot or cold chicken, or any other meat dish. It would go beautifully with Onion Tart, or most quiches.

Or it could be used as part of a trio for a vegetarian plate. So, say with bubble & squeak and lemon dahl



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