Mackerel Pate & Pasta – 45p a serving

Jul 30, 2013 | 8 comments


I am exploring what I can make with smoked mackerel fillets.  This is the 2nd post in a series of 4.

Mackerel Pate and Pasta

Mackerel Pate

Make a second bowl of deliciousness (Mackerel Pate) using a second half mackerel fillet, and stir it through 200g cooked pasta for a delicious dinner or lunch for 2.  Quick, easy, delicious and cheap – what’s not to like – yum.

  • half of 1 fillet of smoked mackeral £2.03 for 2 fillets, 50p
  • 100g basics soft cheese, 73p/300g, 24p
  • black pepper
  • tsp lemon juice 1p?
  • 200g pasta, 39p/500g, 16p

Serves 2

Any veg you like would go with this, either cooked ones, or salady ones.  I think I would stir 100g peas through the pasta, and serve carrot ribbons on the side

Per serving, with the pasta, no sides
569 calories, 22g protein, 21g fat, 68g carbs


You could add a bit of crunch by making a few croutons to scatter over the top. Cut up a couple of end of loaf crusts or similar into rough squares, toss them with a tblsp oil and salt and pepper and blast them in a hot oven for 10 minutes or so until brown and crispy. Edit…Or, to save fuel, I have found that just frying them in a frying pan is just as good, or sometimes, I use the Remoska

Delicious in a pitta or as a sandwich filling, or piled on top of a hot jacket potato

This is what I did with the other fillets

Half fillet one – Mackerel pate and crudites 
Half fillet two – Mackerel pate and pasta – this post
Half fillet three – Smoked mackerel and roasted beetroot salad
Half fillet four – Mackerel kedgeree

mackerel pate



  1. Lindy McGuinness

    Think the estimate of protein could well be fir 4 portions not one. 19g for 100g of mackerel and 4 for 100g of of soft cheese?

  2. Lesley

    With the pasta I intended it to be served hot. Although it would work well cold as well as a packed lunch dish. Haven’t tried it cold though

  3. Amy

    Hi Lesley! Is this served hot or cold, please? Thanks!

  4. Tracey and Lesley Hibbett

    yummy, thankyou! 🙂 xx

  5. Lesley

    Tinned tuna would certainly work as it has a good strong flavour and wouldn’t work out too expensive. Salmon is a delicate flavour and wouldn’t take too much of the soft cheese and work out a lot more expensive.
    The tuna version would also make a lovely sandwich filling and jacket potato topping.

  6. Tracey and Lesley Hibbett

    lol, no I don’t like those either. 🙁 Would tinned tuna work or how about cooked salmon?

  7. Lesley

    well, let’s see, you need something with a strong flavour, and I know you don’t like smoked salmon. What about tinned sardines in tomato sauce – do you like those?

  8. Tracey and Lesley Hibbett

    The mackeral! If like me, you don’t like Mackeral, what other fish could you use?

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