Christmas Leftovers – part 6. Ten ways to use up that surplus bag of Brussels sprouts lurking in the fridge


Christmas Leftovers – part 6. Ten ways to use up that surplus bag of Brussels sprouts lurking in the fridge


Brussel Sprouts that are already cooked

Bubble and Squeak

The first and most obvious way is in bubble and squeak. Take a few cooked sprouts and chop them into quarters, add a couple of roasties, chopped small, mash in a few cooked carrots and parsnips. Squidge everything together and shape into patties. Fry gently on each side until crispy, use some turkey fat, or perhaps some goose fat, for extra flavour if you have it. Top with a dollop of cranberry sauce or chutney

I’ve been googling today for inspiration and have found some lovely sounding ideas.

A few sprouts work well in soup, but don’t do as I did one year and use loads, the after affects were dire!

This is the ultimate love it or hate it recipe, not only sprouts, but marmite as well – Charred Brussels Sprouts with Marmite Butter!

This sounds wonderful, I love this anyway, would be fab with sprouts – Pad Thai

Brussel Sprouts that are raw

Shred raw sprouts and add them to a slaw. Use mayo, or a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.

Brussels sprouts, bacon and Stilton pizzettas, ooh, yum

This Joe Wicks recipe uses chicken thighs, but of course turkey would work just as well – Tagine with spiced Brussels sprouts and feta

This simply titled dish sounds gorgeous and can be used for leftover stuffing as well as sprouts – Stuffing Sprouts

Parsnip and Sprout Colcannon uses up parsnips as well as sprouts

This gorgeous recipe can be used all year round with whatever green brassica is available – Indian Spiced Greens

All recipes found on BBC Good Food


Other ideas for leftovers

Christmas Leftovers – part 1. Soup, a Turkey & Cranberry Toast Topper, a Cheesy Tart


Christmas Leftovers – part 2. Clementine salad; Preserved Clementine’s; Turkey, Brie & Cranberry pie; Welsh Rarebit


Christmas Leftovers – part 3. Turkey Burgers; Cheesy Pasta; Parsnip Dahl; Parsnip soup


Christmas leftovers – part 4. Chestnut Soup; Fruit Crumble Toppings; Mixed Nut Butter; Turkey Zombie Burgers


Christmas Leftovers – part 5. Turkey Liver Paté ; Cottage Pie; Stock

And here are some more ideas in a post I wrote for Skint Dad


Faggots & Gravy

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