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Lots of delicious treats, cakes, biscuits and bakes for tea-time, packed lunches and hungry tummy fillers

A Recipe for A Weekend Baguette
Weekend Baguette Recipe
A baked focaccia bread, on a wooden board, with a stainless steel knife on the board. A grey, patterned tea-towel underneath.
Easy No-Knead Focaccia
christmas meal plan 4
Christmas Week Food. Lots of festive flavours & not many £££'s
orange peel cake with a slice on a yellow plate
Wondering what to do with orange peel? How about this easy orange cake
parsnip cake in close up
Parsnip Cake with Maple Syrup & Lemon
raisin biscuits - close up
Raisin Biscuits
carrot and sultana loaf - slices on plate, close up
Carrot & Sultana Loaf
oaty biscuits
Oaty Biscuits. Delicious, very versatile and totally irresistible!
raisin sandwich, close up
Raisin Sandwich
fruit loaf - close up
An Easy Fruit Loaf
chocolate scones
Chocolate Scones
Vegetable Muffins on a plate
Vegetable Muffins
apple bread
Apple Bread
mixed nut butter
Christmas leftovers - part 4. Chestnut Soup; Fruit Crumble Toppings; Mixed Nut Butter; Turkey Zombie Burgers
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake
my meal plan for week 10th August 2020
bean burgers
my meal plan for week 3rd August 2020
olive oil in a jug
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
home made pitta bread
Home Made Pitta Bread
brazil nuts
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
my meal plan for week 13Jul20
savoury popcorn recipe
Home made popcorn, less than half the price of shop bought
cheapy bread rolls
Cheapy Bread Rolls. An hour from bag to table
Chocolate muffins
Chocolate Muffins. Quick, easy, great for packups and very cheap
chocolate fudge cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake, made with / out eggs
Anzac biscuits
Anzac Biscuits
banana bread
Quick Banana Bread
almond nutella tart
Almond 'Nutella' Tart
snacky couscous bites
Couscous Snacky Lunchbox Bites
Sugar Free Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Tea Bread
Sugar Free Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Tea Bread
coins for extremely cheap meals
Do you need, or want, extremely cheap meals, to eat for 50p a day for a bit, or even longer?
This very simple chocolate brownie recipe makes the best chocolate brownies!
Arguably the best chocolate brownies - Ever!
Fudgy, gooey, white chocolate blondies
tomato and chive soda bread
Tomato & Chive Soda Bread
Walnut Nuttela wheat bisks
Walnut 'Nutella' and wheat bisks bites. These are so good they're dangerous!
flat breads in a pile
Lots of different things you can make, all using Magic Dough kept in the fridge
Three ingredient cake
How to make a cake with just 3 ingredients, or maybe even 2! For when the SHTF?
Rolls with added stuffing mix
Home made bread rolls with added stuffing mix
granola breakfast bars
Gorgeous Granola Breakfast Bars. Super simple to make
Thermometer and bread
How to bake a loaf to perfection using a meat thermometer
Plum pudding
Something old and something new. A lovely pie and a leftovers pudding
Really good home made Eccles cakes, 15p each
Plummy oats and a damson cake
Wholemeal loaf
A sparkling water wholemeal loaf
Tomato rolls
Tomato flavoured sparkling water rolls
Lentil flour and the simplest bread I've ever made
Chocolate, raisin and pecan muffins
Recipes for yesterday's baking - chapatti, muffins and a loaf
Fridge soup that's Paleo, I think, an avocado smoothie and a breadcrumb topped crumble
Rosemary's flapjacks
Savoury flapjacks, fragrant with rosemary, caramelised onions and sweet chilli, 15p
mince pies
Using up mincemeat - Mince pies, Mincemeat Muffins, Mincemeat Brownies and Mincemeat Ice Cream
Sourdough loaf
Reverse Advent - batch two, a loaf and Spicy Apple Cake
Busy, busy and banana cake
Herby scones
Herby Scones, 2p a scone - Meal Plan 10
Quinoa burger
Now we're talking! An extremely yummy quinoa burger version, and some raspberry muffins
Coffee and walnut cake
No sleep, a long walk and a big cake
Primrose 2015
Round the block, round the garden and a hot non-cross loaf
Coffee and walnut biscuits
Coffee and walnut, no, not cake, biscuits.
Gallivants and puddens
flapjacks on a plate
Meal Plan 4 - Flapjacks, 3p a piece
coconut biscuits
Meal Plan 8 - Coconut Biscuits, 3p each, or 61p for a 24 biscuit batch
home made bannocks with vegetable hummus
Bannocks with roasted veg hoummous
Chocolate Roulade on a translucent plate.
An outstanding chocolate roulade
Finger Dumplings, delicious little butter crisped fingers. Very versatile, savoury or sweet.
Christmas Meal Plan - Stilton Jackets with Clementines & Yogort for pudding, 73p each
Lunches, Sinks and Ginger Cake for 16p a square
Raw Carrot, Apple and Cashew soup, with a Walnut Loaf & butter, 65p per serving. Plus how to stay on budget for the day
Hips, Haws and Hangovers
Using magic bread dough to make pizza
char de crabb
A linen skirt for £2, Char de Crabbe & prescriptions
A freeform loaf and a broad bean & feta wrap
The loaf recipe
My best loaf so far
Flowers blooming in the garden and wraps made with dough that's been in the fridge for several days
Rosemary, mustard and cayenne scones, 12 for 53p
Fruit Trees, Date & Apple Muffins and Sugar Paste Flowers
A pile of pancakes on a plate
Pancakes, with lemon and sugar, the classic, and SUPER cheap!
Semi Freddo Red Berry Yogort, 26p a generous portion
Mincemeat and oat muffin
Muffins made with mincemeat and oats
chocolate, coconut, raisin and nut muffins
Chocolate, Coconut, Raisin and Chopped Nut Muffins
muffins, uncooked
Apple and Spice Muffins, using no egg and my apples, 4p each, 9p if you buy the apples
Herb Bread, 6p a serving
bread pudding on a bakers shelf
Bread Pudden, made using leftover bread
vegan oat bars, filled with jam
Jammy Flapjack. This vegan oat bar can be savoury too
Tomato Scones
Plum Jam, 18p a jar if you have foraged fruit
Vegan Fruit Scones
Fruit Scones that happen to be egg free and vegan


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