Deli Platter – Meal Plan 9, 64p


Deli Platter – Meal Plan 9, 64p

Had this for my lunch today, mmmm, very yummy

serves 2
130g cheese Asda 350g/£1.55, 58p
200g potatoes, Asda 59p/kg, 12p
40g ham, Asda 400g/£1.49, 15p
60g olives Asda drained weight 180g/£1.29, 43p
Total cost £1.28, 64p per portion

Slice up the potatoes, no need to peel, and put on a baking sheet. Drizzle over a little oil, you won’t need much, just a tsp, or possibly two. Bake in a hot oven for about half an hour, or until the wedges are cooked through and golden. You could shorten the oven step by softening them in the microwave for 5 minutes first.

Once the wedges are cooked through, get arty with your ingredients. Arrange them a la gastro pub on a slate (I’ve used one of my slate table mats) a wooden platter, on little dishes etc. it tastes nicer that way you know 😉

Many things can be used in a meal like this. Some nice bread, a toasted pitta or nan, cut into slices, a few bread sticks, a little dish of any flavour hoummous, some sliced peppers from a jar, some sun blush tomatoes, a couple of taste bomb tomatoes, an artichoke heart or two, a few slices of any cold meat (salami, pepperoni, that kind of thing). You could add a few carrot batons, some warm broad beans if you have any in the garden would be lovely, a whole roasted beetroot, some caramelised onions. The world is your oyster really.

Faggots & Gravy

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