Home made popcorn, less than half the price of shop bought

Was poking about in the Armageddon cupboard today whilst writing a meal plan for next week and trying to use some existing stocks. While poking about and mentally constructing meals, I decided to use some popcorn. Idly reading the instructions, I noticed that it could be done in the microwave, so gave that a go, having previously always done it on the hob.


60g popcorn, Asda 500g/£1, 12p
salt and pepper
Tbslp butter, £1.18/250g, 7p
total cost 19p
total nutrition 324 cals, 38g carbs, 14g fat, 8g protein
Put the popcorn in a microwaveable bowl and cover.
60g is a couple of handfuls. I was going to use a plate, but wasn’t sure it would stand up to  the length of cooking time with not much moisture in there. I didn’t want to crack it, so I used cling film over the top of the bowl.
. Raw popcorn .
Now, microwave at 800 watts for 4-5 minutes. I had to turn my microwave power down. If you can’t turn yours down, just keep an eye on them.
There are always some left unpopped. I tried leaving them in for longer having first removed the already popped ones, but they refused to go
Mike likes the  salted version, so I sprinkled over salt, and ground lots of pepper, but it all kept falling to the bottom of the bowl. So I melted in a tablespoon of butter, and mixed it all well, which worked beautifully.
Dressed popcorn



I said to Mike that it would be best eaten today, to which he replied that it shouldn’t be a problem. It was all gone within the hour!

These cost 19p and Asda popcorn is 79p for 110g, roughly twice as much. For the same weight, the home made version would cost 38p, so less than half the price.

This is a quick and healthy snack. It could be used in packed lunch boxes too.


Well there are lots of those! Flavoured butters, flavoured with chopped herbs. Tandoori spice, or any other curry spices. Sweet ones could include mixed spice, honey, maple syrup.

After my experience with the salt and pepper, I would recommend any dry flavourings are moistened with a little butter to make them stick.


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  1. Lesley

    Well no, I haven’t, but what an intriguing thought. I may have to have an experiment!

  2. ZolaSpud

    Idle curiosity after reading this post – have you tried popcorn as a crunchy topping on a pie type thing (crumble, ocean pie, etc, etc)?
    I’ve not, but it sounds at least feasible to me 😀

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