Hips, Haws and Hangovers

Sep 14, 2014 | 0 comments


I have a migraine hangover headache this week, which means that after the migraine on Friday, for the rest of this week, I will wake up feeling pretty crappy, off-colour and with a sore head, until about 10am. I’ll feel increasingly well through the day. Then at about 8pm it will come back again.

This makes it difficult to get my 10,000 steps in as it shortens the day so. So 5pm this evening found me stepping out the door with only 1600 steps done by then, lots more to do. I enjoyed a lovely walk along the country roads, enjoying stonking views and greeting several neighbours. Look at that view!

I stopped about half way round for a bit of a sit as I find it means my hips and knees tend not to complain, and enjoyed this magnificent view down to the coast. It is the green at Cade Street and that beacon was lit recently for the Jubilee.


On this country walk, I was noticing all the fruits ripening in the hedgerows and was mulling over (bwa ha ha, did you notice what I did then) what to do with them.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: berriesI consulted his Hughness of Whittingstall and his Fruit book makes much of hedgerow fruit. I particularly like the idea of this Crab apple and sloe sorbet which is both in the book and featured in this Guardian column. It looks and sounds really good.
He also makes Haw-sin sauce using haws. I’ve never made anything with haws, have you? As I can’t drink alcohol any more, sets off the dreaded migraine, it’s been a long time since I picked any sloes. The only thing I ever did with them involved making some kind of boozy thing.

The crabapple and sloe purée doesn’t have too much sugar in, (150g sugar to 1kg apples, plus the sloes) which is a good thing as I am trying to minimise having anything with added sugar, and I think it would make a lovely breakfast with yogurt. I think I may pursue the same avenue with rosehips and maybe those haws. I have always liked the flavour of rosehip syrup, but I don’t want to have the sugar. If I can make a purée, using the minimum amount of sugar, I will have more breakfast options, and using foraged fruit too. Have you picked any yet?




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