Home made bread rolls with added stuffing mix

Dec 3, 2016 | 6 comments


Tried something a little different today. I have a huge bag of stuffing mix from Approved Foods that isn’t being used up very quickly, so I am thinking about how I can use more of it.

Rolls with added stuffing mix

I wondered what it would be like used as part of the mix when making bread rolls. I thought it would probably work, so gave it a go. And yes, they came out really nice. Had one with a little butter spread on with my lunchtime soup.

I used my cheapy bread roll recipe, substituting 80g of the flour with the stuffing mix, then carried on as usual. Well, actually, not quite as usual in that I have given up kneading bread and rolls. I’ve found it doesn’t actually make a lot of difference, especially if I give a loaf a long time to prove, and if I can avoid doing something, I will!

The Verdict

I will definitely do these again! They had a subtle hint of that classic stuffing flavour with a tiny bit of crunchiness too. The amount of stuffing mix could easily have been increased. I would have these rolls with most soups, a slice of cheese, perhaps a bit of pickle.

I could do the same with some scones couldn’t I! That would use a bit more. Ooh, mmm, how about those tomato scones, and a bit of stuffing mix? They would be good, they’ll be next!


Homemade Stuffing Bread Rolls



  1. Lesley

    Glad you like them Bob. I’m thinking of making another batch. Got a pumpkin to make into soup and they will go well with that

  2. bob

    just made stuffing rolls,very tasty

  3. Lesley

    Yes, it is quite fine. The crumbs are about the size of lentils, or smaller

  4. Anna

    Is your stuffing mix fine crumbs? The stuffing mix in the States is usually in small to large cubes. I was thinking of grinding it up and adding to the flour.

  5. Lesley

    Mmm, yes, that would be lovely

  6. Sarah

    Sound perfect to use instead of bread when making turkey sandwiches.

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