Jammy Oat Bars, breakfast or a snack. Savoury ones too


Jammy Oat Bars, breakfast or a snack. Savoury ones too


Jammy Oat Bars

These jammy oat bars are delicious, a flapjack with a jam layer.  A raspberry flapjack is my favourite, with homemade raspberry jam. They obviously are sweet, but maybe not as sweet as the name suggests. I have updated the quantity of sugar in line with current thinking and reduced it by half. They are in the week three meal planner as a breakfast and a cake and bake. Just cut them to the size you like.


Delectable! I love oaty things anyway, and these are very moreish. They feel like eating cake for breakfast, but with all those oats, I’m hoping they’re not too bad!


You could add vanilla to this mix, or cinnamon, mixed spice or ginger

A layer of dried fruit would work, sultanas, chopped dried apple, dates or figs. I would put the dried fruit in a pan, add a good splash of water, and cook it down to a pulp.

If you have apples or pears from the garden, cook some down to a thick puree and use that

At Christmas time, a layer of mincemeat instead of jam would make a festive bake

If you prefer savoury flavours to sweet ones, all sorts of options would be easy to make too. A good layer of caramelised onions; buttery mashed carrot or parsnip; add sweet chilli sauce or my favourite Pataks aubergine pickle to the oats; or garlic, chilli and ginger; or 2 or 3 tblsps of a Pataks curry paste. How about actual leftover curry in the middle!

Faggots & Gravy

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Before putting together the meal planners, Lesley surveyed what was needed. Of the existing 14 meal plans, most are for 2 people so can be sized up or down. Others are for 1, or 4 people 

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  1. Thrifty Lesley

    I’m so glad you like them. They are proving very popular!

  2. Lesley Donnelly

    5 stars
    Hi Lesley, I’ve just done a batch of these flapjacks. They are absolutely delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe

  3. Lesley

    There isn’t much sugar in the oat mix so you could replace it with the appropriate amount of sweetener. If I was going to do that I think I would leave the sugar out altogether and maybe also cut down on the jam, by as much as a half

  4. Sally Jackson

    Can you do this with sweetener instead?

  5. Lesley

    I don’t see why not, they would be more like a flapjack. You could substitute other things for the jam, dates gently cooked with a little water to make a paste, or dried apricots treated the same way, or any of the value dried fruits (raisins, mixed fruit, sultanas)
    Unless of course it’s the sweetness the others don’t like, in which case just go for the plain
    Have you tried the oaty biscuits (Twinks Hobnobs)? http://www.thriftylesley.com/oaty-biscuits-1p-a-serving/

  6. Jodie A

    Would these be ok without the jam? No one in my house really likes jam except me but we all love oaty things (flapjacks etc) Thank you Lesley and keep up the fab work x

  7. Anne E

    Please share your mincemeat muffin recipe. I think I am addicted to mincemeat and have a jar calling my name. 🙂

  8. Lesley

    Mmm, yes, mincemeat would be nice. I made some muffins today using mincemeat, they are delicious and I had to promptly get them in the locked tin out of my way!
    At least with individual portions we become aware of having 2nd’s and 3rd’s, even if we end up still having them 😉

  9. Anne E

    Lesley it would be good portion control if it wasn’t so delicious. I fancy making it with mincemeat next. 🙂

  10. Lesley

    the crumbles sound lovely, good portion control too!

  11. Anne E

    I just made these and a sneaky taste tells me they are lovely – I just need to keep away while they cool. I used an 8″ round tin and made 4 individual apple crumbles with the extra mixture. I used my SILs homemade raspberry jam for the oat bars.

    For the crumbles I used one small apple in each large ramekin (mine are pottery containers from a ready made shepards pies – meant to be thrown away!), a teaspoon of sugar and then some crumble mix on top. I cooked them along with the bars for the same time.

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes.

  12. Lesley

    that’s a good idea. Vegans have to eat such large quantities of food to get their nutrition.
    I am trying to tag recipes as vegan or vegetarian. At just £1 a day, lots are turning out vegan as meat, fish, dairy, eggs are all so expensive

  13. Ruth

    What a great recipe! I am going to give this a try adding a few Tbls soya flour instead of the sr flour to boost the protein content for my 4 vegan teenagers.

  14. Lesley

    Ooh, love the idea of apple and blackberry, I’ll have try that one, thanks

  15. Lydia

    Thanks for this recipe, my housemates seem to love them! Here’s my tips/tweaks.

    – I use a chopping board to press the oats down to give a nice firm texture, before adding the jam and once the top layer of oats is on.
    -Once out of the oven, leave to cool fully before trying to cut up. I leave mine to cool with a chopping board and heavy pot on top to help firm them up.
    -Instead of jam, I’ve been chopping up windfall apples, stewing them briefly and using them as jam. With a couple of frozen foraged blackberries chucked in as well its delicious.

  16. Rita

    Week 4 – can’t wait! Thank you for all your hard work.

  17. Lesley

    I’m so glad you are finding things you like.
    Am nearly at the end of planner 3 recipes now, so will start thinking about week 4 and what to put in it soon

  18. Lesley

    they are pretty good. Only trouble I had with them was not scoffing half of them as a ‘snack’ – some snack! But then I do have a sweet tooth. Took one with me for breakfast when I had to leave really early, it worked very well, kept me going until lunchtime.

  19. Angela

    I’m loving your site, great ideas and I like the amount of detail. I’ve been waiting for this recipe after reading the week 3 plan, will be trying it out tomorrow. Thanks for your hard work in putting all of this together 🙂

  20. sian

    Oh i’ll be making these they sound yummy 🙂


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