Herby Scones, 2p a scone – Meal Plan 10


Herby Scones, 2p a scone – Meal Plan 10


We had these lovely herby scones at lunchtime with a bowl of tomato soup made with our tomatoes. I’ve had to wait a very long time for that soup this year, our tomatoes are scarce and only just ripening. It really is a special treat.

As I have 4 x 16kg bags of malted grain flour from Approved Foods, I am using it for everything, and I used it too for the scones today.

I made them all pretty with a sprinkle of smoked paprika on the top, but then remembered that I hadn’t put any baking powder in. Damn. So I had to scrunch them back together, sprinkle the baking powder over, squidge it in, and pat them out and cut them up again. I thought I’d better not put any more paprika on top as I’d used the hot type. Glad I didn’t as there was a nice hum of heat in the baked scones, any more on top would have been too much.

I have some sage in really good condition in the garden, and a big rosemary bush. So I picked 3 big sage leaves and a big sprig of rosemary  and chopped them up really fine. It made a tablespoon and tasted really good in the finished scones, just about the right amount.

You could use any combination of herbs that you like. A teaspoon of value mixed dried herbs is the same as a tablespoon of fresh. Try all basil, oregano, marjoram or thyme. Sage might be a bit much all on its own, but if you like it strong, try it and see.  I have a bit of thyme in the garden, so next time I’ll try thyme and marjoram.

Meal Plan 10 doesn’t use malted grain flour, just ordinary value flour. But if you have another type of flour in the cupboard, and you want to use it, give it a go.

270g self raising flour, value flour 45p/1.5kg, 8p
100ml veg oil, litre/£1.25, 12p
tsp mixed dried herbs, 25p/tub, 3p
pinch salt and pepper

Total cost 23p, 2p a scone

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Add the oil and enough cold water, about 100ml, to make a loose dough. Pat out on the counter into an oblong about 2cm thick and cut into half down the middle. Now cut each half into 6 small scones. If you like, moisten the top with water and sprinkle on a little smoky paprika, cayenne, crunchy salt or ground pepper.

Bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes until golden. Especially good served hot, maybe with a little butter melted on the cut surface, or a sliver of cheese, or just on their own.

On Meal Plan 10, these scones are used as a top up whenever you need something extra.  Great in a lunchbox, with a cup of coffee mid morning/afternoon or for supper.

If you would prefer not to have savoury scones on the meal plan, leave out the herbs, add a little sugar, about 20g, and sprinkle some sugar on the moistened top before baking. Enjoy them with some of the jam/marmalade/lemon curd (whichever one you opted for) available for snacks.

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