Almond ‘Nutella’ Tart

It is a dark and dank day today and I did what I often do when at a bit of a loose end, I had bit of a play in the kitchen.

I made some almond ‘Nutella’ then started thinking about uses, as I do, and thought, bet it would work well in a tart. Note that the mix I make now is usually the almond version which is at the bottom of the post.

And my goodness, it really does work. Gorgeous!

Almond ‘Nutella’ Tart

Serves 2 to 4

50g self raising flour
25ml oil
10ml water
180g home made Nutella

Total nutrition 1294 calories, 79g carbs, 97g fat, 24g protein

Per tart (2) 647 calories, 39g carbs, 48g fat, 12g protein

Mix the pastry ingredients together in a bowl using a spoon. Want help making pastry with oil?

Roll out the pastry and use to line 2 small tart tins, 10cm across.

Spoon in 90g of ‘Nutella’ to each tart tin. Sprinkle over a few flaked almonds if you have them.

Bake at 180c for about 25 minutes.

I made some almond ‘Nutella’ then started thinking about uses, as I do, and thought, bet it would work well in a tart. Click To Tweet



I only intended to make one little tart, but once I’d rolled out the titchy amount of pastry, I could see that it would do another one.

I thought the ‘Nutella’ mixture would hold its shape in the oven, and it did, just rising slightly as it cooked.

The cooked tart is divine! Bear in mind I used home made ‘Nutella’ in mine, the actual branded stuff may well perform differently.

It is very chocolatey, not too sweet, but a bit too moreish! I cut a tiny segment from one of the tarts to try it. If I have more than that, I risk being kept awake all night by the caffeine.

The texture is similar to a Bakewell tart.

almond nutella tart


Well, of course, I can think of several different things!

Serve it with single cream, double cream, creme fraiche or ice cream.

Make it the same size as jam tarts and it would work as a tea time treat for children. Probably not for a school lunch as most schools don’t allow chocolate or nuts.

Flavour it with orange zest, or even lemon zest. Add a bit of vanilla. Put chocolate sauce on the bottom of the pastry case before adding the ‘Nutella’ for a fudgey base.

Add a generous splosh of rum or similar to make a grown up pudding, great for entertaining.

Vegans, omit the milk powder and milk and replace with Provamel. I mention that one as Oatly, which would also work, has palm oil in which is worse than trans fats for health.

Almond Nutella tart

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