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All sorts of bits and bobs, from packed lunches to preserved lemons and piccalilli

wild garlic pesto in a glass jar, on a wooden board, with a spoon
Wild Garlic Pesto
home made Nutella on a small piece of bread
Healthier Nutella Alternative
hot ginger tea
Fresh Ginger Tea
Carrot Jam - in jam pot
Carrot Jam
apricot jam in a small glass dish
Apricot jam. Fresh and wonderful, and better than even the poshest versions you can buy!
green tomatoes on the vine
Green Tomato Recipes
French apple jam on a slice of bread and butter
Home made French apple jam
Vegan BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce, it's vegan too
sloe and apple jam
Home made sloe and apple jam
red onion chutney marmalade
Lesley's Red Onion Chutney Marmalade
home made pitta bread
Home Made Pitta Bread
puchka tart
Puchka tart. What's that? Complete deliciousness on a plate, that's what
homemade blackcurrant jam
Home made blackcurrant jam
Home made honey smoked walnut butter. Easy, cheap and delicious!
Home made honey smoked walnut butter. Easy, cheap, versatile and super delicious
apricot jam
More uses for your wonderful home made jam
cranberry orange and ginger chutney
A wonderful winter chutney, Cranberry, orange and ginger
Runner bean pesto
Got too many runner beans? This lovely pesto will use up loads!
30+ different flavours for baked bean hummus/pate
30+ different flavours for baked bean hummus / paté, a LCHF recipe, or fat free!
Summer berries jam
Using up bits and pieces of fruit to make a lovely fresh Summer Berry jam
instant tomato pan fried focaccia
The easiest sundried tomatoes in olive oil - ever! And use them in instant tomato pan fried focaccia
Fried lemon skins
Crispy Lemon Skin and refurbished pots
savoury yogurt
Savoury yogurts, yes savoury. Have you ever tried them? It's new to me, and I'm loving it
Candied peel
Tutti Frutti Spread. Loving my leftovers and creating something wonderful with them.
Tomato soup
Two tins of tomatoes. Is there a difference worth having?
Smoking Hot Brazil nut butter
Smoking Hot Brazil Nut Butter. Gorgeous, easy and at least 60% cheaper than shop bought
Home made mustard
Things you may never need to buy again - mustard
Home made paneer
Home made Paneer. Cheap, delicious, versatile and nutritious. What's not to like?
apple curd
Apple Curd - a huge jar for 85p, and that's if you have to buy the apples!
river cottage a-z
I found a delicious new taste today
Can 1 sausage can make 2 sandwiches? Plus a sublime fruit and nut case paste
Rocket, watercress, basil and sunflower seed pesto. Nut and gluten free
Sage leaves
Sage, lemon and pumpkin seed pesto £2.99 for a huge jar
Freeze dried vegetables
Freeze dried fruit and vegetables. Tasty? Economical? Desirable?
Tomato rolls
Tomato flavoured sparkling water rolls
Dead Good Old Tarts
gym legend
60% fat and vanilla extract
Mini bannocks
Nibbly bits - spicy nuts, pastry nibbles, dips and mini bannocks
Auntie Louisa's Chutney
spicy katjan sauce
Spicy katjan sauce, so gorgeous I'm eating it with a spoon
Olive and tomato savoury curd
Finger Dumplings, delicious little butter crisped fingers. Very versatile, savoury or sweet.
Cranberry Curd, £1.18 a jar, and lots and lots of other variations, including savoury ones
radish pods
A new vegetable? It was to me!
Oranges, Lemons & St. Clements
preserved lemons
Preserved lemons, 70p a jar, or 37p if you can get Asda SP lemons
Piccallili - around 84p a jar
a glass of water with a lemon carcass floating in it
Lemony Water, 0p
a dish of croutons.


bits and bobs




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