Savoury yogurts, yes savoury. Have you ever tried them? It’s new to me, and I’m loving it

Mar 1, 2017 | 4 comments


Cutting back on sugars

I’m trying hard to cut right down on sugars in my diet, even those in fruit. So I’ve not been having much fruit lately, replaced fruit with (even) more veg. Now, masses of fruit, with a generous dollop of thick Greek yogurt is one of my favorite breakfasts. Don’t really want to eat that much fruit any more, especially all in one go, so I started thinking about savoury yogurts. There was a farmer featured on Country File I think it was who used the milk from their cows to make savoury yogurts. I’d already been thinking about it, and that really made me have a go. And you know me, once I start thinking about a theme like that, all kinds of ideas come flooding out!

Savoury Yogurts

Yesterday, I came up with rather a wonderful concoction. I dolloped some thick Greek yogurt into a mixing jug and added 4 sun dried tomatoes from a jar and a goodly dribble of the oil for good measure. Then it had a good whizz and I had a little taste. In went loads of freshly ground black pepper and a little salt. A sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and a sprinkle of pinenuts and it was done. It tastes wonderful on its own and would be fab with hot buttered pitta, but I’m trying to build meals that don’t involve many processed carbs. So I would be very happy with that for breakfast with carrot batons, or a couple of slices of black pudding.

No Breakfast

Having said that, I’m not eating many breakfasts lately. I’ve fallen into a rhythm of having an entire pot of decaff tea, black, which satisfies my appetite, Then I see how long it is until I feel actual hunger, rather than, hmm, could do with something to eat now type feelings. This morning, I had lots of chores to do, and by the time I got back, it was 12:30 and I was properly hungry. So I had half of one of the pots shown, and a bowl of lovely coconutty soup made with all the stalks from a cauliflower and several bits from the fridge that needed using. The yogurt had thickened up overnight and it was properly delicious

savoury yogurt

savoury ygurt


Do you like the little pots by the way? When we were in Bruges last year, we were self catering and got some small pots of vanilla yogurts for breakfast. They came in these little pots and I just love them, plus, whenever I use them, it reminds me of that happy time.

Sundried Tomato Savoury Yogurt

Priced at Asda March 2017

150g thick Greek yogurt, full fat, 90p/500g, 27p
4 sun dried tomatoes, Melis Sundried Tomatoes in Sunflower Seed Oil 295g/£1.50, 7p
tblsp pumpkin seeds Good and Balanced 100g/70p, 7p
tbslp pine nuts 100g/£2.50, 25p

Serves 2. Total cost 66p, so 33p a portion
Total Nutrition 329 calories, 10g carbs, 28g fat, 10g protein. Per portion 164 calories, 5g carbs, 14g fat, 5g protein,

Using a stick blender or a small liquidiser, blend the tomatoes into the yogurt. Stir through the pumpkin seeds and pine nuts. Season with lots of black pepper and a little salt. Add a good dribble of the oil form the jar if you like. I used full fat Greek yogurt because of the diet I’m on and because it has more flavour. You could use the 0% fat if you prefer.


We had some cauliflower, swede and carrots last night, roasted in the oven with generous amounts of seasoning, lots of garlic cloves and tandoori spice powder liberally sprinkled over. That will be my next version, using the leftovers.

I’ll be trying something with beetroot, ginger perhaps, and maybe with some poppy seeds. Softly cooked fennel, chopped fine, or pureed. I might do a mixed nut one, although thinking of the nut butters, that might not have enough flavour. Perhaps if eg walnuts, were just chopped small, maybe with a chopped sundried tomato too. Mixed seeds would probably work.

Carrots roasted with tahini until very soft, pureed, with mixed seeds sounds good. A strong miso, one of the very dark ones, with a splash of soy and a sprinkle of red chilli would wake me up!

Then there’s tartare sauce, and all the flavours that go into that, used separately. And herbs too, thyme, very fine chopped rosemary, shredded sage and mint would all go wonderfully with many things.

A bit of Patak’s brinjal pickle with beetroot puree and sunflower seeds. Fine chopped preserved lemons, oranges or lime pickle with mango chutney (too much sugar?)

Any of these flavours would make a good breakfast, or the main part of a lunchbox with pitta, seedy crispbreads, a wholemeal roll and some crudites.

I’ll be researching some flavours that would work with this and let you know what I try – good and bad! If you try something, do share. I love to hear about your experiments

savoury yogurt



  1. Lesley

    Alex – yum, they sound very good.
    Yes, I do get migraines, and it used to make one come on if I skipped meals. But I’ve got used to what that kind of headache coming on feels like, and if I feel it coming, I eat something.

    I am coping fine with missing breakfast, if I feel I need it, I have it. What I’m not doing so well yet is making the right choices when I am eating. I’m struggling with the no snacking, I’m amazed how often I had a little something, especially coming up to mealtimes when I’m hungry. Although I counted everything calorie wise, it must have kept my insulin going all the time. I’ll get there, I’m inspired by this and am getting results

  2. Alex

    Ooo now you’ve inspired me! Thank you! How about salmon and dill, or blue cheese with finely chopped celery for crunch?
    I couldn’t go without breakfast of some sort, missing meals tends to make my migraines worse…did I read somewhere that you suffer from them too?

  3. Lesley

    That sounds wonderful! I haven’t had rye bread for years and years. That has to go on list

  4. Alison Morris

    I really like yoghurt mixed with feta and a finely chopped spring onion or shallot and possibly some chopped herbs plus black pepper on rye toast with cherry tomatoes for breakfast, although I find it too liquid if I blend it so I usually just mash it together with a fork. I like the sound of the sundried tomato one. [Aldi has started selling (delicious) handmade yoghurts in very similar jars with black push on lids – I’ve got a stack in the attic I’m saving for making preserves in sizes to give away]

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