60% fat and vanilla extract

Feb 7, 2016 | 2 comments


60% fat and vanilla extract

First day of my new workouts today. I thought if I started the week on a Sunday, I might even get to do those five sessions that my coach asked. It was very intense, very hard work, and took 2.5 hours, and I felt amazing afterwards. Weight seems to be moving at last and I can see the difference now – hoorah! Weigh in day tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how much then. By the way, coach says I shouldn’t weigh at all, but I can’t not!

There isn’t much frugal cooking going on here now. I am on a low carb and an amazing 60% fat diet for a few weeks. This means I am having a lot of (expensive) protein and very high fat meals, not really anything I can blog about. I made some (low carb) celery soup today that has a huge 250ml double cream in four portions! Wow! It was delicious and not something I would otherwise have had.

Something today that was frugal is the vanilla extract I made way back in November 2014.  I made new husband another Raisin Tart, recipe in yesterday’s post. He really liked the last one and I feel a bit guilty that I’m not cooking for him much. One of the ingredients is a bit of vanilla, so I found the extract and gave it a sniff. Oh me oh my! It smells wonderful! Much nicer than anything else I’ve used. If you haven’t already made any, it’s something I would definitely recommend. Nicer, better quality and very cheap.


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  1. Alison

    can’t find the vanilla extract recipe – could you post again? Thank you!

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