Auntie Louisa’s Chutney

Oct 15, 2015 | 6 comments


Today’s recipe is from a reader, Tass Smith. Tass generously offered her chutney recipe when I said just how many apples I had picked from our little Fiesta Tree and was wondering what to do with them all.


This recipe came from my late Grandma’s good friend, Louisa. Grandma died in 1994 and she made it for years so I guess it’s quite an old recipe. Makes 8 x 370g jars3 lbs finely chopped cooking apples (when peeled and cored) 1 lb dark brown sugar ¾ lb sultanas 2oz salt ½ oz ground ginger ¼ oz cayenne pepper ¼ oz Allspice 1tsp mace (this is the ‘secret’ ingredient) 1 pint vinegar (I prefer cider to malt)

Mix all the ingredients together in a large jam kettle / heavy-based saucepan and boil to a pulp, stirring to prevent sticking. Transfer to a large bowl and allow to stand, covered, for a week. Stir the chutney 2-3 times a day.

Pot up, cold, in sterilised jars with very good seals.

The week of letting it stand / 3 x daily stirring is just to get all the flavours to mingle & so the apples absorb the colour evenly.

If possible, leave to mature for a few months. Keeps for years but ours is lucky to last 12 months – far too yummy.

Makes excellent Christmas presents.

I’ve attached an easy method to sterilise jars

IMG_20151006_184138608 (2)

I normally make double quantities as this just fits in my jam kettle.

Don’t increase the amount of spices as it’s pleasingly hot already.

I try to buy my spices from Indian shops if possible as you get large quantities pretty cheaply. They last well, even years to year, if stored in air-tight jars.

And finally, I’ve discovered that Morrison’s have the cheapest cider vinegar by volume and Lidl have the cheapest sultanas and dark brown sugar.

8 jars already made and literally just off to pot up the next 16. Hoping to beat last year’s record 36 jars as there are never enough jars left for us!!

I hope you enjoy making / eating this chutney. Cheers, Tass



  1. Thrifty Lesley

    Yes it is, it was to use up lots of apples

  2. Mo

    I am going to make the chutney next week.Is it made without onions?

  3. Lesley

    My Captcha was updated a couple of days ago, and seems to be causing problems. Here is a comment from Tass

    “I’m onto my 5th batch and thought I’d see if I could use the peelings instead if simply composting them. On the Love Food Hate Waste website I found this idea (

    I tried it out & liked it. I improved it slightly by adding a cinnamon stick when I bottled it up.

    So 2 litres if virtually free & delicious apple juice!

    Just need to find something to do with the cores….



    PS – I really enjoy your posts. Lovely wedding photos too!

  4. jill

    Thanks to both you and Tass!

  5. Lesley

    Hi Jill, I’ve asked Tass and she says not, pot it up cold. I’ve edited the post to say that, and a couple of other tips Tass thought of

  6. jill

    This sounds delicious!
    Are you supposed to bring the mixture back up to a boil before it goes into the jars?
    I really like recipes that come with a history and a tribute to the cooks who made them.

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