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Got some leftovers you want to use up? Lots of very useful ideas that I’ll be adding to from time to time, do pop back and check

On this page we will be exploring all kinds of ideas for anything you may have leftover. I’ll be adding other things as and when I get  inspired. So love your leftovers, and use it all up!

Throughout the supply chain, right down to us consumers, a completely shocking 30% of food produced is wasted.  Take a look at this Guardian article for some  appalling figures

Each year 1.3bn tonnes of food, about a third of all that is produced, is wasted, including about 45% of all fruit and vegetables, 35% of fish and seafood, 30% of cereals, 20% of dairy products and 20% of meat.

What does this mean for the average family?

The average family throws away £700 worth of perfectly good food a year, or almost £60 worth of food a month. The average weekly expenditure on food and non-alcoholic drinks in 2013 was £58.80 according to the ONS, which means a typical family throws away a week’s worth of groceries each month.

That is an incredible amount. To re-frame it, just by using everything up, each month you could save, spend or fritter, an entire weeks food budget. Or, to put it yet another way, you could save 25%, a quarter of your grocery spend. Just imagine, you have gone to the supermarket and come out with your trolley full of a weeks worth of food. Now, before putting it into the car boot, you chuck a quarter of it in the bin! What a waste!


Leftover Saladlettuce Lettuce & leaves, squashy tomatoes and cucumber
Leftover Bread3 white loaves on a wooden cutting board Just simply loads of brilliant ways to use up leftover bread. The simplest way is to keep it in the freezer and just take out what you need
Leftover CoffeeCoffee I had no idea there are so many uses for leftover coffee!
Leftover WheyLeftover whey Been making yogurt? Got some whey? Don't throw it away!
Leftover TakeawayLeftover takeaway Those last little bits of takeaway - any uses for them?
Leftover Bananasover ripe bananas Want to save some of the 162 million bananas, wasted annually in the UK? Lots of ideas here
Leftover Citrus. Peelings, Pith & Pipsorange peel in white vinegar Do you throw away orange peels, and squeezed lemons? Well, there are many things you can do with those leftovers! I’ve found that they are a great resource and not to be squandered!
Cauliflower leaves and stemsa cauliflowerCauliflowers have loads of leaves and stems - do you use them?
Leftover Milkthe word 'milk' spelled with letters that look like milkThere are 673 glasses of milk wasted every hour, it's the 2nd most wasted food item in the UK - here's how to help reduce that
Got some leftovers you want to use up? Lots of very useful ideas that I'll be adding to from time to time, do pop back and check Click To Tweet
Using up leftovers



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