Got some lovely leftovers to love today

Nov 9, 2016 | 0 comments


Am just sitting with my feet up and watching The Chase. Have just got home after doing the catering for the AGM of my WI. It’s the last one I’ll be doing as I’m coming off the committee this year after doing it for 6 years.

Leftover tomatoes

We had a proper Quiche Lorraine, with lots of cream, and no milk in it – it was lush! With that, I did a tomato salad, a potato salad and a mixed green salad with a mustardy vinaigrette.

I popped into the greengrocer on Tuesday to see if he had any of the lovely heritage tomatoes that I enjoyed earlier in the year. He didn’t but said that he would check with his supplier, who said that, yes, he had some and he would deliver them early today. Unfortunately, he was mistaken, he didn’t have any. Poop. So I had some lovely cherry tomatoes in both red and yellow.

For pudding I mixed thick Greek yogurt and whipped double cream and put that in the base of small glass dishes. On top of that went some morello cherries soaked in a little sugar and a good splosh of alcohol, half of a chocolate flake and a sprinkle of toasted almond flakes. Worked really well, and no one left any – always a good sign.

Then I passed round a big plate of posh Leonides chocolates to finish.

One of the perks of doing the catering is taking home the leftovers. There was just about enough quiche left for a small slice each this evening, a little bit of salad and a couple of small pieces of baquette to go with it.

There were quite a few boozy cherries. Mike is currently enjoying some of those with a bit of ice cream.

Of most interest to me are the cartons of lovely cherry tomatoes. I’ve got lots of things in mind for those!



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