Bready Things

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Bready Things


This table is about all things bready, all home made. A loaf, tortilla, flatbreads, magic dough, soda bread and all kinds of other bread related things.

A leavened dough can be kept in the fridge to shorten the whole process and develop flavour.

Bready Things

Cheapy Bread Rolls, an hour from start to finishBread rolls2p each
Flatbreads using proved doughFlatbread2p
Fruit Loaf9p305 cals13g fat4g protein43g carbs
Loaf, another everyday loaf, freeformfreeform loaf
Bread baked in a slow cookerslow cooker loaf
Loaf, an everyday, white loafhome made white loaf17p
Hot Non Cross LoafHot non cross loaf56p
Sparkling Water Tomato RollsTomato rolls8p each
Bacon, Olive and Cheese Loaf Cakebacon, olive and cheese loaf for a cheap family meal34p582 cals41g fat20g protein36g carbs
Instant tomato pan fried focacciaInstant focaccia for a very cheap meal

Herb Bread6p208 cals1g fat6g protein45g carbs
Stuffing bread rollsRolls with added stuffing mix
Pitta Bread6p for 4
Magic dough - Walnut loafwalnut loaf made from magic dough24p a portion
ChapattiChapatti- very cheap
Sparkling Water Wholemeal Loafsparkling water Wholemeal loaf
Tortillas - unleavenedtortilla2p
Tomato & Chive Soda BreadTomato and chive soda bread11p148 cals7g fat4g protein17g carbs
Vegan Savoury Loaf Cake vegan savoury cake14p199 cals13g fat4g protein17g carbs
Crumpets & Pikelets, Savoury & Sweetcrumpets and pikelets
Using Breadcrumbs for DinnerZombie burgers
Sparkling water wholemeal loafsparkling water wholemeal loaf
loaf made with chapatti flourloaf made with chapatti flour
Lentil flour loaflentil flour loaf
Red pepper and onion loafred pepper and onion loaf12p a wedge247 cals1g fat8g protein50g carbs
Weekend BaguetteA Recipe for A Weekend Baguette6p per baguette461 cals1g fat14g protein96g carbs
Carrot & Raisin Loafcarrot and sultana loaf - slices on plate8p280 cals1g fat8g protein61g carbs


all things bready




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