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Use this option to filter all the recipes and posts on Thrifty Lesley to select just the ones you want to see.

For example the Category of Dinners, with the Tag of Vegan and Nuts. This will show you all the posts that are dinners and that are vegan and use nuts. Or use just Category, or just Tag to select all Dinners, or all Vegan or all Nuts

Cooking Up A Storm, Birthdays and Snow
An outside shot of the Cambridge Theatre, London showing the promotion picture on Matilda
Matilda and singing
Went to Matilda the musical. What a great show! And I can finally sing again, I've missed it so much!
Sale bargains
Why I don't go to the sales
If, like most people, myself included, you regularly have to declutter, it’s odds on you are being sold stuff you didn’t actually want to buy in the first place. How long did you have to work to buy that so called bargain. How much better would your life be if you hadn’t had to work to pay for all that stuff you’ve just taken to the charity shop. So,  my number one tip for saving the maximum amount of cash at sale time is….. don’t go to the shops at all.
A couple of fun (and free!) things to do over the Christmas holidays
Do you ever sing alternative lyrics to Christmas carols? We tried these last year, and cracked up laughing !
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