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Free groceries from Marks and Spencer
The goodies I bought with Marks and Spencers vouchers
The final update
A gallery of a final year, well lived
It's nearly Christmas!
Visitors of the canine and penguin variety!
This Weeks Catch Up
Going to see Nutcracker, the Towner and the Hospice
Where We Are This Week
Where we are this week
Tracey Hibbett - full face
A Hard Post To Write
A very difficult post to write
brown rice and chicken salad in a mustard coloured flat profile bowl, with a mustard coloured handle fork in one side.
Brown Rice Chicken Salad
This tasty salad is made using brown rice for fibre, that's been cooked in chicken stock, for extra flavour. Quick and easy to make, you don't need to put the oven on when its baking hot and you just want some dinner. Filling from the brown rice and those lovely vegetables, it's less than 400 calories too! Inexpensive too to help those purses and wallets. 
chicken and mushroom crumble in a white dish.
Chicken and Mushroom Crumble
This gorgeous crumble has a nutty, seedy, oaty topping and a creamy, chicken and mushroom base. It will freeze very well, either cooked or uncooked. Lovely to have a home made ready meal in the freezer that just needs to be defrosted. 
swede gratin in a beige pottery dish with a serving spoon
Swede Mash (Rutabaga) with ginger, nutmeg and a little cream
This easy swede mash can be used a side or a main course. Make it vegan by using a vegan cream. Swede mash is a common side dish, but this has fresh ginger, generous nutmeg and chilli to add extra flavour and a touch of creaminess. It tastes really good and may even convert small (or large!) veggie phobes!
a slice of vegetable roulade
Mixed Vegetable Roulade
A vegetarian recipe using cauliflower stalks and pumpkin. Shredded lettuce and egg mayonnaise combine to create a creamy filling wrapped in a savoury sponge.
Books, Herons, Celandine and Tomatoes
I've been reading some cracking books lately. It's my turn to host the u3a book group and my choice was The Reading List
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