Week Twelve Meal Planner – chicken, bacon, sausage, vegetables

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Weekly Meal Plan Twelve

For this, our twelfth weekly meal plan for 2 adults and 2 children (up to around 10 needing 1700 calories each), we base it around a whole chicken, bacon, sausage and lots of vegetables.

As at 16th February 2019, you will need £37 in your purse at the checkout, but the amount of food actually consumed (if you follow the plan fully) comes to £32.72 or £1.17, per person, per day.

The column headed ‘left at the end of the week’ is what you can expect to have left in the cupboard. You can carry that over to next week, or use it for snacks etc, as you wish.

Use the Cakes and Bakes at any point during the week when you need them, as an extra at lunch, a pudding after dinner, for supper, or any other hungry moment. Or if you and the 2nd person you are feeding don’t need this many calories, healthwise, these would probably be the best things to leave out (speaking as a sweet thing lover – sorry 🙁  Or how about a good old British compromise, make them and make them stretch over a longer period of time 😉

For this, and 2 other plans, I’m basing the weekly meal plan around one of the items that are available on a 3 for £10 offer and pricing that item accordingly

3 joints for £10 – chicken. Priced at Asda February 2019 – for 4 people
Item You will need Left at the end of the week Feb-19
medium chicken 1.6kg 1.12kg £1.00 £3.33
500g pack pork mince 5% £3.00
500g pack pork mince 20% £1.99
cheese 385g 262g 60p £1.88
eggs 12+6  free range medium eggs £2.54
peanut butter 340g £0.70
plain choc 200g £0.60
mushroom soup £0.39
tin tomatoes £0.28
500g lentils £1.15
creamed coconut 4 x 50g 20g 20p £1.98
mushy peas £0.15
baked beans x 4 £0.69
salted peanuts 150g £0.12 £0.48
flour, smartprice, self raising, 1.5kg £0.45
cucumber £0.60
onions, 1 kg £0.65
carrots, 1.5 kg £0.98
white cabbage,1kg £0.78
garlic £0.20
value oats, 1kg 720g £0.21 £0.75
2.27 litres milk 1770g £0.22 £1.00
frozen mixed veg 1kg £0.79
4 tins chickpeas £1.32
pasta £0.29
swede £0.50
tomato puree, 200g 180g £0.33 £0.37
cooking bacon £0.57
bread, smartprice, 800g x 3 1896g £0.35 £1.65
potatoes, 2kg £1.00
potatoes, 2kg baking £1.20
rapeseed oil, 1 litre 615ml £0.42 £1.09
sugar, 1kg 440g £0.36 £0.64
raisins 500g 330g £0.47 £1.39
Brilliantly Buttery Spread, 500g £0.84
lemon £0.30
packet of value stuffing £0.25
Grand Total £1.17 pppd £4.28 left over £37.00
2000 and 2500, plus 2 x 1700 for 2 children per day
21% protein, 40% fat, 46% carbs, 23g fibre pppd
Govt. recommendations 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat, 45-65% carb, 24g fibre pppd
This plan has, per person, a total of 5 portions of fruit and veg per person


Sunday sausage, beans, toast tomato soup roast chicken, roasties, stuffing, mashed carrot & swede, peas
Monday porridge hummus, grated carrot sandwich chicken and onion pie, mixed veg
Tuesday peanut butter toast spicy lentil soup jacket potato, cheesy beans
Wednesday porridge falafel with carrot and salted peanut salad pea crumb fritters and chips
Thursday peanut butter toast hummus, grated carrot sandwich stuffed potato cakes, stuffed with baked beans. Serve with crispy bacon and a poached egg
Friday porridge sausage pasta salad coconut dhal, nan, carrot and cucumber salad with raisins
Saturday egg sandwich or on toast cheese and onion toastie chicken and mushroom lasagna (this shows the method, not the recipe)
cakes and bakes – brownies, fruit muffins, raisin biscuits

Sunday – make the sausage using both packs of sausage meat. If you have any of the herbs etc, great, use them. If not, they’ll still taste great without. Use half the sausage now, and half on Friday

Serve the sausage with 2 slices of toast each and a tin of beans between you

both packs of pork
generous tsp black pepper
generous tsp salt
125g breadcrumbs, from a value loaf, about 6p (I used breadcrumbs from a baquette)
4 tsps fresh sage leaves from the garden
3 tsps fresh lemon balm from the garden
Tsp thyme from the garden
20g fine chopped chives from the garden
2.5 tsps hot smoked paprika
0.5 tsp ground ginger
2 tsps mild French mustard

For the roast chicken lunch, use 400g of chicken, a kg of potatoes roasted (season and oil them), half the packet of stuffing. Mash together 400g carrot and 400g swede, serve with 100g white cabbage and 320g mixed veg. Make gravy from the chicken juices

Later, when it’s cooled, strip all the meat off the chicken, keep it in the fridge and simmer the carcass and any remaining juices in 2 litres of water for a couple of hours, with a couple of bay leaves if available. Use the stock in the risotto and soup this week.

Tomato soup, use 50g red lentils as we don’t have any more spare

Monday – Make the porridge for four using 240 oats and 500ml milk. Use as much sugar as you like

Hummus, grated carrot sandwich, use a bit of the garlic and a little peanut butter in place of tahini

Chicken and onion pie, serve with 400g mixed veg and 100g grated swede

Tuesday – Serve 2 slices of toast each with a up to half of the jar of peanut butter between you

Spicy lentil soup , we don’t have any spices in the plan, if you have some in the cupboard, great, use those. If not, don’t worry, it will still taste delicious. Once the soup has been whizzed, add in 200g shredded cabbage.

Jacket potato, cheesy beans. Bake 4 x 250g potato. Split them and push in a knob of buttery, add in 160g grated cheddar between you and top with a tin of beans shared out


Wednesday – Pea crumb fritters, serve with 1kg of potatoes made into oven wedges or as jacket potato

Thursday – Serve 2 slices of toast each with 1 third of the jar of peanut butter between you

stuffed potato cakes, instead of the stuffing in the recipe, use 2 tins of baked beans. Drain the beans, reserving the sauce. When you assemble the potato cakes, drizzle over enough of the sauce to keep the filling moist. Serve with 320g of bacon, crisped, between you, and  a poached egg each. Drizzle over any remaining bean sauce, or as much as you want.

Friday – Make a sausage pasta salad for lunch. Shape and cook the remaining half of sausage that you made earlier in the week. Shred 200g white cabbage. Cook 200g of the frozen mixed veg, drain well. Cook all the pasta, drain well, stir through a tblsp or two of oil, it will keep the pasta separate, stopping it from clumping. Stir everything together. Add a little more oil if it needs it. If you are taking this for a packed lunch, don’t add any salt yet, it will draw out moisture and make your salad watery. Salt it just before you want to eat it.

For dinner today, we have coconut dhal, nan, carrot and cucumber salad with raisins. We don’t have any spices this week, but the dhal will be good without it. If you have in the cupboard, great, use those. Use 250g flour, mixed with water to make the dhal. I’ve found that that is all that’s needed. They do benefit from being left to sit in the bowl for a couple of hours if you can before cooking them. Use half the cucumber and a handful of fruit to make the salad

Saturday –  For the cheese and onion toastie, mix 80g grated cheese with 200g of finely chopped onion. Distribute over 4 slices bread and top with another 4 slices. Press down gently. Drizzle each side with oil. Fry gently in a frying pan until golden and crispy on each side. Add a little more oil if it needs it

For dinner today we have a lovely chicken and mushroom lasagna. (the link shows the method, not the recipe) Make a bechamel sauce using 400ml milk, 50g flour and 50g Buttery. Add a bay leaf if you have any. Leave it to cook very very gently for half an hour if you can, it really improves the flavour. Use a quarter for each layer.

Using 100g flour, mix with water to pasta dough and leave to rest for half an hour. Use a third for each layer.

Crisp up 180g bacon under the grill. Chop 400g chicken. Mix the bacon and chicken with 80g mixed veg and enough of the tin of mushroom soup to moisten. Use a third for each layer.

Divide the pasta dough into 3. Roll each piece out to the thickness of a credit card.

Now layer your lasagna in an ovenproof dish.

Chicken mix
White sauce

Chicken mix
White sauce

Chicken mix
White sauce

Finish with a final layer of white sauce and top with 100g of grated cheese

Bake for half an hour at 180c

Weekly Meal Plan 12 for budget meals



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