Christmas Leftovers




Christmas Leftovers - Part 1Turkey stock soup
Turkey & Cranberry Toast Topper
Cheese Paste
Cheesey Tart
Christmas Leftovers - Part 2Preserved Clementines
& in salads
Turkey Curry
Turkey Pie
Stilton Quiche with Red Cabbage Coleslaw
Welsh Rarebit
Christmas Leftovers - Part 3Turkey Zombie Burgers
Using leftover goose/turkey fat
Mixed Veg & Pasta Cheese
Veggie Stew & Dumplings
Raw Parsnips
Christmas Leftovers - Part 4Chestnut Soup
Crumble Toppings using nuts
Nut Butters
Zombie Burgers

Christmas Leftovers - Part 5Turkey Stock
Turkey liver paté
Cottage pie from leftover beef
Keep the fat
Christmas Leftovers - Part 610 brussel sprouts recipes

I don't know about you, but I always have a fridge and cupboards stuffed full of Christmas food. Here are loads of ideas on what to use them for Click To Tweet

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