Smoked mackerel & creamy soft cheese on granary toast, 63p. Plus, how to stay on budget for the day

Oct 19, 2014 | 2 comments


The simplest of simple breakfasts this morning.

I got some yellow stickered smoked mackerel this week. So this morning I toasted a slice of granary bread, slathered on some soft cheese and flaked half a mackerel fillet on top. Simples!

smoked mackerel on toast

Slice toast, a 22 slice 75p loaf, 3p
Half of a fillet of smoked mackerel, Basics, £2/250g 50p
40g soft cheese, Basics, 300g/73p, 10p

At 63p, this is an expensive breakfast if you are budgeting £1 a day. But doable nonetheless. It could be done by enjoying it for lunch, and if you have access to a toaster at work, you could do it exactly as it is. If not, it could be enjoyed with 2 slices of bread instead of 1, as a sandwich. Or if you like cold toast, do the toast before you go to work, slice it into fingers or quarters and assemble it at work.

To stay on budget for the day
Porridge at 5p,jammy oat bars, at 7p, or

Mackerel with soft cheese on toast, 63p
Chole and nan, 27p, or
Balti pancakes, 15p or
Beetroot Feta Tart 24p, or
Gnocchi, 15p, or
Peanut Noodles, 23p

Mackerel with soft cheese on toast, 63p

Lunch & Dinner
Beans on toast, 11p and peanut butter noodles, 23p
Carrot and lentil soup, 20p and Gnocchi, 15p
Pitta with carrot,lemon and soft cheese, 20p and coconut Dahl, 17p

and I’m sure you have recipes of your own that are super cheap if you want to have the mackerel and stay on a £1 a day budget



  1. Lesley

    It is indeed very filling. I had it again this morning, and we did have homemade vegetable soup at lunchtime – tomato and lentil, and a lovely fresh, crusty ciabatta shaped loaf made from the dough kept in the fridge. We’re having soup and fresh bread a lot now we’re in soup season and making the bread has become so easy

  2. Sue

    Of course the beauty about having such a good, healthy and filling breakfast is that the other meals can be slightly less so.

    I think I would have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup for lunch and a big jacket potato for my tea with either beans or a sprinkle of grated cheese.

    It should come in at around budget if the soup was made with leftovers from the fridge drawer.

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