Broccoli and Lentil Soup, 20p a portion

Aug 18, 2013 | 4 comments


Broccoli and Lentil Soup, 20p a portion


Had some broccoli to use up today, so decided to make some Broccoli and Lentil soup for lunch. Haven’t got any bread, so made some Cheapy Bread Rolls to have with it, only 2p each!

this makes 4 generous, warming and filling portions for 20p a portion, plus a cheap bread roll at 2p, so 22p for a full tum
head of broccoli, 49p
1 med onion, Smartprice, 98p/2kg, 5p
1 stock cube, Asda, 12/78p, 6p
100g red lentils Natco, Β£1/500g 20p

Chop the veg. Saute the onion in a pan in a little oil until translucent, add the chopped broccoli and let it cook until softening.
Add the lentils and stock cube and enough water to cover. Simmer gently for 15 minutes. Whizz a bit until most of the veg are chopped up. Or you could fine chop your veg at the beginning and then just leave them as they are.

Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. Add pepper if you like, or a tiny pinch of chilli, maybe a tsp of vinegar to sharpen. Taste and adjust to what you like.

Serve in a pretty bowl, maybe with a swirl of yogort or a sprinkle of croutons on top.
broccoli and lentil soup

Faggots & Gravy



  1. Lesley

    It would freeze beautifully. I freeze soup all the time. It’s lovely being able to take out a slab of delicious lunch without having to cook it

  2. Jackie Walder

    Would this freeze OK do you think I live alone and like to freeze any left overs for another day

  3. Lesley

    In Heathfield, we have a Sainsbury, a small one, a tiny Tesco, and a Co-op. I generally use the Sainsbury, but they often don’t have the cheaper things. I try to get things like that in an online shop, but of course you need to have a decent sized shop to get to make the delivery worthwhile.
    I have started popping in the Aldi at the bottom of my daughters road when I go and see her

    When I am pricing recipes, I look at to get the latest prices and try to use Asda as (I think) the most widely available, I want to make the recipes as reproducable as poss. But of course now I have a HUGE tub of stock AND loads of chicken stock cubes as well from the same place, I won’t actually be buying any for AGES!

  4. Sue

    Did you know that Tesco sells stock cubes at 15p and Sainsbury’s has theirs at 20p. I got loads from Approved Foods a while ago so I’ll not be buying any for years πŸ™‚

    I love the sound of the soup, it would be a good way to use up the broccoli stalk as well wouldn’t it although I’m sure my chickens would rather have it if I let them πŸ™‚

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