8 Sandwich Pastes for super cheap sandwiches and toast toppers

I have made lots of different sandwich pastes and toast toppers. This round up post gathers together 8 of them. I’ve really liked each of them. They are quick and cheap to make, freeze well and can be used as sandwich fillers, toast toppers, jacket potato fillings and even with pasta if let down with some liquid.

If you change the fat from butter to coconut or a vegan spread, a couple will be vegan.

If I come up with any more, I’ll add them in


8 Sandwich Pastes for super cheap sandwiches and toast toppers


The cheese one

Fed up with plain cheese sandwiches? How about flavoured potted cheese?

The fishy one

2 sandwiches, 2 toasty breakfasts and 2 pasta dinners from 1 tin of sardines. Just 83p for all 6 meals!!

The chicken one

Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Paste, 14p a sandwich

The beefy one

Beef and Sun Dried Tomato Sandwich Paste, 9p/13p a sandwich

The peanut / soya / coconut one

Vegan bean and spicy katjan sauce sandwich paste, 12p a sandwich, LOADS of variations

The bacon one

Bacon & ketchup paste, BLT on the cheap!

The sausage one

Can 1 sausage can make 2 sandwiches? Plus a sublime fruit and nut case paste

The tomato one

A whole days filming and sundried tomato sandwich filler, 9p

The smoked salmon one

Nibbly bits – spicy nuts, pastry nibbles, dips and mini bannocks


8 sandwich pastes


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