What I Love About Christmas Week

Dec 22, 2015 | 2 comments


I love this week! Christmas Week, (I think of it in capitals!)  the week before Christmas. It holds one of my favourite days, the shortest day. This means that Spring, is just around the corner, longer, warmer days, and an evening that doesn’t make me feel shut indoors.  This week also holds lots and lots of lovely family time.

DD1 is having a horrible time with her health and I went down there today to offer tea and sympathy, and a little practical help too if I could. It was a very blustery and wet drive down. We had a good day, I helped out a bit; took 3 portions of the accidental Dahl soup, and a bit of baquette for lunch, so she didn’t have to cook; helped wrap some presents; I took out a length of surplus telephone wire prior to some decorating that will be going on in the New Year; and took a call from BBC Norwich radio and did a little spiel live to air. I had to harness all the professionalism I could muster as there was a 1 second feedback delay and I could hear myself speaking just after I had said it. Difficult to speak, keep my thread and not laugh.

Tomorrow will be catching up with chores. Thursday we’ll be back at DD1’s to ‘do’ Christmas with 5 of us. Friday will be at DD2’s with maybe 7, maybe 10. Boxing Day or very soon thereafter I’ll be visiting my Mum, near Northampton, with 6 of us.

I’ll then be thoroughly Christmased.

I really, really love fireworks, so if the weather is not too wet, I may well try and get to a New Years display this year. That’s something else to look forward too.

I tried to take pictures of the Christmas Tree just now, although I can’t really capture very well what it looks like, you can get the idea!

Our Christmas tree Our Christmas tree

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas week preparations and will do whatever it is you like this week.




  1. Lesley

    Glad you liked it. Doing a lovely Turkey stewey thing today.
    See you tomorrow xxx

  2. Tracey & Lesley

    The soup was really, really lovely. Thankyou so much for all the help, I really couldn’t have done it without your help. Christmas Tree looks fab now with the presents around it. Turkey is cooking now and the house smells lovely. Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. xx

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