Fishy Tortilla, 19p plus salady bits

May 31, 2014 | 4 comments


imageTried a wholemeal flour tortilla today at lunchtime, just to see what it would be like, and it was scrummy

I used the same ingredients as before, but made 2 larger tortilla, rather than 4 smaller ones. Needed my biggest pans to do it, and they were lapped up the sides to fit in, but it worked fine.

imageTo make 2 large tortilla
150g whole meal flour, Aldi 99p/1.5kg 10p
Pinch salt
30ml oil, Aldi 99p/litre, 3p
90ml water
So 6-7p each

Filled with 2 basics fish fingers.
60p/10, 12p

Make the tortilla as for the white ones
Keep the cooked tortilla covered so they stay soft.

When you are ready to eat, Cook the fish fingers for 3 minutes each side in an oiled frying pan.

Assemble the tortilla using the fish fingers and any salady bits you want to use. I had some iceberg lettuce, a few slices of cucumber, a few slices of yellow pepper and a dab of mayo

I made this at 2pm today. I did a Fitstep workout up at the village hall first thing, then spent the rest of the time up to 2pm working hard in the garden, by which time, I was pretty hungry, not to mention dusty, scratched, stung by nettles and tired and achey! This made a delicious, and filling, lunch. Definitely one I will be repeating.

It is also the first experiment with the basics fish fingers I got, to see what I could do with them. I purposely used 2 fingers, rather than the 3 given as a portion size, as I wanted to see if I could make something that a family of 4 could use to make a meal, using 1 packet of 10 fingers. If you are said family, it depends how old the children are of course. Four of these would use 8 fish fingers, so 2 left. You could either share them out, so 2.5 each, keep 2 for another lunch, or maybe your littlies only need 1 each. So, over to you.

If you wanted to have this as a main meal, you may well need two to fill you up. One was fine at lunchtime.

Per tortilla, 248 cals, 46g carb, 2g fat, 9g protein
Two basics fish fingers, 98 cals, 9g carb, 4g fat, 6g protein



  1. Lesley

    £1 a day, hmm, now where have I seen that…. Oh yes, here!!

    Welcome Alex. I have the Sainsbury version of the fish fingers. They are a tiny bit on the small side, but then I haven’t had non-basics fish fingers for ages, so they might all be like that now. I put them in a small pan, with a tiny drizzle of oil and cooked them for three minutes each side, from frozen, as recommended on the pack.

    They had nice crispy outsides and the insides were a pleasant, mild, white fish. I didn’t examine the cooked fingers to see if they were minced or not, didn’t think of it to be honest. They taste like you would expect a breaded fish product to taste. Nothing extraordinary or cheap tasting about them at all. They are absolutely fine.

    The flour itself in the tortilla gives a good amount of protein, and the fish fingers add more to that, so nutritionally it’s a pretty good choice, especially if you can get some veg in there as well

    Well done for making the tortilla from flour and water. It’s amazing what can be fashioned from that basic mixture. The site has several variations of breakfast pancakes which are flour and water. Some sweet, with raisins, some savoury, with cabbage and spices. All delish.

    Be very interested to know how you get on over the next month

  2. Alex

    Hiya! I just found your site after making my own ‘tortilla’s out of nothing but value flour and water – literally nothing else, and you know what? They’re deceptively like pita breads!

    Anyway, I have a question – I was looking at Morrisons value fish fingers the other day, sort of squinting at them. I’m not a food snob and I am on a massive budget (about £1 a day!) for the next month but…something about the ‘minced white fish’ description really put me off.

    Can you describe what theyre like? The taste of them? If it’s not too wierd a question 😀

    Great site by the way! Bookmarked you 🙂

  3. Lesley

    Yes, I thought that too!

  4. Sue

    It’s like a very posh ‘fish finger butty’ and much more of a healthy meal. 🙂

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