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Apr 13, 2015 | 5 comments


I’ve been looking at the Latest Free Stuff website recently. Have you been there?

The site is stuffed full of all the latest free stuff you can get from all kinds of different places. There is a core team of three (Deepak, Laura and Francois) running the site, and there are various freelancers involved outside of the office. They must all spend an awful lot of time searching out all the latest deals, there are literally hundreds of them. The various options are laid out down the left hand side, offers for men, women and children, books, games, pet stuff, music. Basically, you name it, it could well be there.

Latest Free Stuff

Why was Latest Free Stuff Started?

I wondered what had inspired Deepak to start the site in the first place. He said that he launched in 2012 because he wanted to create the UK’s largest resource for finding freebies on the internet. At the time he felt like the main freebie sites were concentrating far too much on advertising and seemed to be promoting too many offers that were seen to be spammy. They now list over 600 free samples from the biggest companies in the UK. You can get everything from makeup to perfume completely free!

LFS launched into the USA a few month ago, but it didn’t go so well.

Laura said:- We underestimated how much competition there was in the market. We’re now in the process of re-launching in the American market. We’re sure our new plan and strategy will work well. We’re also excited to have some exclusive freebies coming in the next few weeks. So watch this space!

Deepak Tailor
This is Deepak

What are the best freebies the team at Latest Free Stuff have had?

I wondered what the best freebies the team had got their hands on. Deepak got free crates of beer from Halifax to put on one of their Big Lunch events, what a fantastic freebie! He also got a free electric toothbrush. Laura got her eyebrows tattooed for free using the website *SalonGuineaPig*!

We currently attract over 400,000 visitors a month coming to the site. We find that most people who come to the website apply for a freebie. Really they have got nothing to lose! We have a growing Facebook page with over 75,000 fans. Our fans regularly share pictures of the freebies they receive on our page. It’s turning into a brilliant community.

How to make the best use of Latest Free Stuff

I asked Laura if they had any tips to make the most of LFS. She said…

  1. Apply for all freebies as soon as you can, as most are first come, first served. Sign up to our mailing list and you’ll receive brand new freebie alerts in the morning; apply for them as soon as you receive the newsletter.
  2. We recommend setting up a spare email address for your freebie-hunting, as many brands require you to subscribe to their mailing list to earn your freebie. Avoid spamming your main inbox by directing all freebie-related emails to your spare inbox.
  3. Increase your freebie-hunting success by joining product testing and mystery dining companies, downloading free cashback apps and writing directly to brands. We dispense lots of advice on these and more on our blog

I do recommend this site, as Laura says, what have you got to lose? I have applied for 4 freebies today. Some free software, a lovely dark shade of nail varnish, a colouring book for my grand daughter and some moisturiser. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve also signed up to the newsletter which will tell me if there is anything I want to apply for each day, makes it easy, I don’t even need to remember to go and check.

Pop over and have a look, there’s bound to be something you would like. You could have a look at Laura’s blog at the same time, she has written a really nice post about Thrifty Lesley



  1. freebies

    Hi there, I’m a big fan of free stuff so it was great to find your nifty site to read. I am looking forward to reading more posts on your site and gaining more insight.

  2. John

    Quite a lot of UK freebies and free samples sites like that. Example: Enjoy Freebies!

  3. Veronica Vatter

    ooh la la!

  4. Lesley

    Hmmm, you wouldn’t be referring to his tall, dark and handsome status by any chance would you 😉 if so, know what you mean!

  5. Veronica Vatter

    Gosh, is Deepak single? ;). Sounds like an awesome site.

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