Stretch A Chicken

Mar 2, 2019 | 2 comments


Stretch A Chicken


How to stretch a chicken to last a week

How to stretch a chicken to last a week (1) Roasta roast chicken after lunch for two
Stretch a chicken (2) Chicken & Risottochicken and vegetable risotto in a blue bowl78p386 cals17g fat15g protein46g carbs
Stretch a chicken (3) Chicken pizza with onions and peppersChicken Pizza - fresh from the oven50p537 cals24g fat22g protein59g carbs
Stretch a chicken (4) Spicy Chicken Pasta BakeChicken & Onion Pasta Bake30p552 cals9g fat25g protein90g carbs
Stretch a chicken (5) Chicken, onion & sweetcorn tartchicken & sweetcorn recipe - tart, cooked38p403 cals23g fat11g protein 39g carbs
Stretch a chicken (6) Chicken & Onion Piechicken and onion pie430 cals27g fat8g protein40g carbs
Stretch a Chicken (7) Spicy Red Lentil SoupSpicy Red Lentil Soup in a white bowl26p374 cals3g fat26g protein6g carbs
Stretch a chicken Fritters

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28 portions from 1 medium chicken




  1. Lesley

    Haha, maybe so. Used rubber chicken as that is the term most often used

  2. Wean Mullinder

    Love your chicken recipes,will definately be trying some of these.
    I think though, that this post should be entitled ‘elastic chicken’ because you are stretching it so far, not ‘rubber chicken’ – ??

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