Regrowing vegetables from waste

Aug 11, 2017 | 5 comments


Do you remember us talking about regrowing vegetables from waste? This post had some spring onions.

Well, a while ago, I put some spring onion stubs in an egg cup until they grew baby roots, then put them in the garden. These whoppers are the result! I have in fact cut them down to just above ground level once, so this is the regrowth from that.

Regrowing spring onions

Inspired by this success, I decided I’d have a go at growing the next lettuce I bought. When I bought one, I forgot until after I’d cut the base off! But blow it I thought, I’ll try it anyway, absolutely nothing to lose. So I put some compost in a small pot and nestled the lettuce base in. I used the bottom inch, inch and a half. A couple of weeks later, this is the result! It has a root coming out of the bottom of the pot, so needs to go out in the garden now.

Regrowing lettuce


Once this has grown to a full,lettuce, I wonder if I could cut that off atvthe base again and regrow it for a third time?


It’s really quite exciting. I haven’t tried anything else myself yet. Have you tried anything?



  1. Chris

    Sorry, I meant to say Iceberg lettuce. I can’t eat
    the other sorts, so I don’t know if it would work with

  2. Lesley

    What any lettuce? I’ll certainly try it on this one, thanks

  3. Chris

    While lettuces are growing, cut the leaves you need
    from the outside. The plant still keeps growing.

  4. Lesley

    Haven’t tried the celery one yet, I don’t have it much. Do you have to keep the light away once it starts growing?

  5. Joyce

    You can do this with celery too.

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