LBLUK – Day 4

Apr 18, 2015 | 1 comment


Another lovely sunny day today. We walked up to Cade Street and watched Dame Heffle release the cuckoo to usher in the Spring. Watched some Morris dancers, looked at all the different stalls, 59 this year. I’m sure there are a few more every year. Got a lovely necklace made from acrylic beads. The stall holder said that it was the only way she could get really bright coloured ones. I liked it anyway. Sat with DP in the Half Moon while he had a pulled pork ciabatta, chips, salad and a pint, whilst I sipped my water. Such restraint


Bannocks for breakfast again today, with the roasted veg hommous, and damson jam. They are delicious, and filling. I’m so glad I made them.

Lunch time was a jacket potato with lots of the hommous on it. That was very tasty, and kept me going until dinner, with a couple of sneaky bannocks along the way.

Jacket potato

Dinner today was a mash-up. I sauted the last onion, then added a couple of potatoes, cubed, skin and all, ditto a few carrots, the last of the cabbage and most of the remaining chickpeas. Then I added the last of the butter, lots of salt and pepper and left it to slowly cook until everything was soft.

Plenty there for tomorrow as well. I will probably have the same tomorrow as today. I have a few bannocks left, enough for breakfast, quite a few potatoes, and enough veg hommous to go on a jacket, and there is plenty of the mash-up left for dinner, and to fill up with if I have any hungry moments. Still got more potatoes left, a little bit of cabbage, some chickpeas and a couple of carrots, so not bad at all considering it was 5 days for a fiver.





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  1. Joy

    I think you’ve done jolly well. It’s a hard thing to do with such restrictions. Well done!
    J x

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