LBLUK – Day 3

Apr 17, 2015 | 2 comments


Delicious breakfast this morning. I made some bannocks yesterday and had two with some roasted veg whizzed up into a hoummous, and two with some home made damson jam. And the ubiquitous large glass of water to wash them down with.

The bannocks recipe is here. Do try them if you can.
I got about 20 of these from 250g oats and 60g butter, so about 40p. Asda’s own brand is 89p for 250g and Nairn’s are £1.35 for 200g. Both also about 20 oat cakes I think. So at 40p, you get two or three times as many for the same price. Plus of course you can flavour them with all kinds of things.

I didn’t go through the flavour variations on the original post, I’ll add that in. But you could add tomato purée, or crushed garlic and fine chopped rosemary, or crushed lemongrass and fine chopped chilli. Marmite if you like it. You could use any fat saved from meat, so beef dripping, the fat drained from a lamb breast, chicken fat from a roast chicken. They would all add lovely flavour.

I’ll think of a few more and add them into the original post so we can find them.

Lunch was more of the soup I made yesterday. I didn’t fancy it today, but I had left it on the stove top and with the lovely warm weather we have been having, it has to be used today or it will go off and that would never do. Once I was eating it, it was fine and I enjoyed it. Had another couple of bannocks, and one with jam too.


It’s interesting, I find the oats made with water and sweetened with jam has gone down by about 10:30 and I am waiting for lunch. This morning, after the bannocks, I was not hungry at all until suddenly I got a huge hunger pang, checked the clock and it was 12:30, time for lunch. Wonder if it’s that little bit of butter in them, slowing down digestion. It’s roughly the same calories, so it isn’t that.

What I really wanted was a large jacket potato with lots of the roasted veg hoummous on it. Can’t have it this evening either as I have some more of the mash and veg mixture I had as patties last night. Like the soup, that needs to be used up today. No matter, I’ll look forward to having it tomorrow.

Bubble and squeak

Bagged a fantastic haul at the charity shop today. There is a woman in Heathfield who is my size and wears colours that are great for me. And she’s had a clear out!

Got all these 7 tops, plus another one that I hope will fit DD1, for £20 the lot. Billy Bargain. Most of them have similar colour tones, so I need to sort out a pair of trousers that goes with all of them, and maybe even a plain skirt. I don’t really wear dresses and skirts very often. I would be quite happy in jeans and t-shirts/tops or jeans and fleeces, all the time. When I smarten up to go out, it is still mostly trousers that I go for. Most of these are the stretchy type, so super comfortable too.

Charity shop haul




  1. Katherine

    I will give the oatcakes a go next week. I think breakfast is a very difficult meal, so anything that keeps you going till half twelve must be good. I find most commercial cereals and anything based on white flour rather disastrous.

    I have been busy with wild garlic recently – not for breakfast I hasten to add.
    Good luck with the rest of your living below the line.

  2. joy

    Many thanks for the recipe. I’ve printed it off!
    J x

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