Practically free soup using old veg and peelings stock

Aug 27, 2017 | 1 comment



The diet started again yesterday and the 3 pounds I’d gained have gone again as of this morning. Went to help our eldest do some unpacking yesterday as they moved whilst we were away – good planning on our part I thought!

Left theirs needing a shower after (not exactly) running up and down stairs with boxes, bags of clothes and books. Must have helped burn off a few calories.

I’m doing 1500 calories and reducing my eating window each day by an hour a week, hoping to get it down to 4pm to 7pm. Yesterday was Aldi weetabix, which I don’t like much and won’t be buying again. Lunch was runner bean paté, carrot and pitta. Dinner was tomato Dahl, more runner beans and roasted carrot.


I made some vegetable stock using the peelings from dinner yesterday. And today I used some too big to eat in the usual way runners with some bendy carrots that have been in the fridge since before we went away to make some soup. Sautéed an onion and some cumin and turmeric, added the veg and cooked those until softened, added the stock and a scoop of red lentils and simmered for 20 minutes, then blitzed and seasoned. Practically free soup really! That’s lunch sorted.

Veg stock

This evening will be a lovely salad of small plum tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella and loads of basil, drizzled with balsamic and scattered with black pepper.


Part 2 of hols next – York

Have done some weeding and tidying today in efforts to beat into shape the unruly garden neglected for 3 weeks. But it’s scorching out there, so am doing just short bursts at a time. Mike has picked what seems like hundreds of ripened chillies. Wonder if we’ll get any more from the plants this year?

Indoors, the washing machine has been pressed into action, and I’ve found homes for all those books I bought whilst away. And put some aside too, that have been read, and need to be passed on to friends.

I’m still putting off tackling the huge pile of opened post and all the jobs that need to be done from it. Plus there’s my equally long to do list from emails whilst away.

And there’s a pair of silk summer trousers to finish too,  while we still have summer to wear them in.

Still, it’s good to be back



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  1. Sue

    You can’t beat a pan full of virtually free soup can you 🙂 It has no right to taste as good as it usually does!

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