Coffee semi-freddo, 26p each, and a chocolate version, 37p

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Coffee semi-freddo, 26p each, and a chocolate version, 37p

imageRemember this semi-freddo? I was making a cup of coffee earlier and thought, ooh, I fancy some coffee frozen yogort.

So I mixed together
250g value Greek yogurt, Aldi 85p/500g, 42p
5g instant coffee granules, value brand in Aldi is £1.79/200g, 5p
30g sugar, 79p/500g, 5p
Total of 52p, two portions
Stirred it all gently with a spoon until everything was dissolved and popped it in the freezer.

I tasted a little first and it was lovely just as it was. Coffee yogort sounds a bit strange I know, but it tastes really good. I had a little after dinner this evening and it was delicious

I used Kenco de-caff coffee as I have several huge packs bought very cheaply from Approved Foods.

imageYesterday, I did the same thing using some cocoa powder instead of the coffee, and that too, worked out as a pretty tasty little thing. So chocolate ‘ice cream’ that is just cocoa, yogurt and a little sugar.
Aldi didn’t have cocoa powder, so I looked at Asda and they have some at £2.28/250g. Again, just stir everything together and pop it in the freezer.

250g value Greek yogurt, Aldi 85p/500g, 42p
30g cocoa powder, 28p
30g sugar, 79p/500g, 5p
Total of 75p, two portions

Serve either of these with a little fruit and they will stretch to three portions. Banana would be lovely with either.

The thing I like about making this frozen treat is the control of what’s in it. Yes, there is some sugar, but you can control absolutely just how much there is. I really like the yogurty tang, and the sheer versatility of it. You can eat these unfrozen if you like, it’s just as nice. Popped into a secure little pot, they would be good in a lunchbox. I picked some blackcurrants from the garden today, so that’s going to be the next one! I might even ripple that one.

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