Aldi bargains and what to do with them

Mar 21, 2014 | 5 comments


Aldi bargains and what to do with them

imageWent to see DD2 today, so, naturally, I had to have a look round Aldi at the end of her road.

Got some good bargains that I will be working up dinners for over the next few days.
Amongst other things, there are three peppers for 89p, peperonata, stuffed peppers and lasagna
Anchovy fillets in olive oil, 69p, on pizza, in pasta, risotto?
Broccoli, 45p, possibly pesto
Sardines in tomato sauce, 40p, on toast, in pasta, and something else
Big pack mushrooms, 750g, £1.58, possibly lasagna. I have a delicious mushroom lasagna recipe. I am hoping it will cost up using these, maybe mushroom stroganoff, risotto
Granary loaf, 800g, 95p, got three to put in the freezer
Peach slices, 35p, crumble, ice cream
And a fennel bulb, 79p, not sure what I could do with this yet. Had a couple of slivers in a salad this evening. At this price, I’m sure I can come up with something for a main meal. Maybe roasted with onions and carrots, as the main flavour in a lasagna, on a pizza possibly. We’ll see.
Tuna flakes in brine, 49p, I’m hoping several things will cost up with this, the classic tuna, sweetcorn, mayo combination for sandwiches and jacket potato filling, then some kind of pasta sauce, pizza topping, or how about some kind of pie, hmm, that sounds good
I also got a 1.5kg free range chicken for £4.99, so think I might do a rubber chicken feature, inspired by Allegra
Got DP some of his favourite dark chocolate with hazelnuts too, he is currently ‘testing’ some as we speak 😉
What would you do with these ingredients? All ideas gratefully received

The extension is coming along beautifully. Was going to post a picture, but by the time I remembered I needed to take one, it was dark! We have rendering on the outside walls now, and the chap who is going to provide the windows came and measured up this week and will fit them, and the roof, in a week or two. Exciting!



  1. Lesley

    Some yummy sounding ideas there 🙂

  2. Karen

    Yum fennel!
    You can make a salad by slicing the fennel thinly, mixing it with some tomatoes and black olives and making a dressing of olive oil lemon juice and basil.
    Also, from the Idiot Proof DietCookbook, sliced thinly and fried with onion and pepper then stir in some chorizo and cheese until all heated and the cheese melted.
    It also goes well in anything with lentils.
    I like fennel!

  3. Lesley

    Believe it or not, I did manage to work out what you meant 😉 autocorrect is pretty idiosyncratic sometimes isn’t it

    The quilt retreat sounds intriguing

  4. Elna Gustavsson

    Damned autocorrect ! I mean to say iI like your posts. Keep it coming and I Will be able to go to a quilt retreat this fall❤️

  5. Elna Gustavsson

    IT is so inspiring to reas about your frugal shoppingvanor menu idéassociation. Jeep it comi g and I Will start Sabine up for My quilt retreat tis fall❤️

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