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snowman (2)snowman (2) b+wsnowman (2) mosaicsnowman (2) postersnowman (1)reindeer (1)Really badmaking a babyjerk santaBig SantaHappy Christmas Inner A4 Portraitfather christmas and treewireless birdstreesledgepile of gifts













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Book page flowers, easy & free!Some of these images are rectangular, and not square as they are being displayed here. I haven’t worked out yet how to show the whole image, so you will need to click on it to view the whole thing – sorry!

Seasons Greetings Inner A4 Portrait

Happy Christmas Inner A5 Portrait

Happy Christmas Inner A5 Landscape

Happy Christmas Inner A4 Portrait

Christmas Card A4 Portrait (3)

Christmas Card A4 Portrait (2)

2014 Photo Calendar in PDF format

2014I also Jacquie Lawson e-cards through the year for all kinds of greetings cards. It currently costs £7.25 for 12 months, and you can send as many cards as you like in that time. So you could send birthday cards, new year, easter and christmas cards. A few get well cards and just thinking of you cards. They are beautifully animated and are all accompanied by music

Jacquie also does really really nice advent calendars. For £2.50 you get the base advent calendar and 24 different animations, games or activities. This years (2013) has had snowflake designing, jigsaw puzzles and make up a flower arrangement games so far. The snowflakes and flower arrangements are saved to your computer hard drive as jpg files, so can be printed off and used on any hard copy cards you want to send. Fun for me, let alone the kids! There is an Edwardian version and an Alpine one available this year.

Using an e-card provider means that you can send greetings to a lot of people, hundreds if you like, for the entire year, without having to fork out for cards and those very expensive stamps, and having just one, fixed, overhead

I have sent a card to myself, and attach the link here, so you can see what they are like, it might work!

I was thinkStick fabric remnants on to gift tags and trim to fit. Make a hole through the fabric to correspond with the hole in the tag. Thread a strip of lace through the hole, to complete the about gift tags and felt sure I could do some on my pc. I looked at my dtp (desk top processor) which is an old version now and there weren’t any there, so I Googled ‘gift tags’ and found these on Pinterest. There are plenty of ideas there, including lots of printable ones. I love the idea of making tags using paper napkins of pretty fabric scraps. Paper napkins have a great many uses other than the intended one. Another favourite were the paper flowers using old book pages, or possibly newspaper. Very cute and would make a brown paper package tied up with string even more delicious.