What did you last spend £1 on?

Mar 27, 2015 | 6 comments


LBLUK15 is coming up fast now. It is due to run 27th April to 1st May, although it can be done before that if I wanted to. I have been thinking about what I might buy with the £5 and this is what I am currently thinking of.

Asda Aldi
kg onions £0.68 £0.59
kg carrots £0.57 £0.49
savoy cabbage £0.68 £0.59
best for baking £0.55 £0.39
jam/marmalade £0.27 £0.27
2 x toms £0.62 £0.62
500g chick peas £1.09 £1.09
1.5kg flour £0.45 £0.45
Total £4.91 £4.49

The chick peas would need to come from Asda, even with an Asda shop as Aldi don’t do them. I could do a multi shop visit as DD2 lives in Bexhill and they seem to have everything there.  I am hoping Aldi will have a good selection of stuff in their Super 6 that week, and I will use the remaining 50p for a flavouring, or maybe a piece of fruit. I can do more with a bag of flour than I can with a bag of rice, as many people seem to choose, and a few more veg this year. LBLUK have sent a video link about this years campaign asking what you last spent £1 on. What did you last spend £1 on? DP went up the newsagents this morning, like every morning, and bought our newspapers which cost 80p, so that’s our £1.  Nothing really, certainly a want rather than a need. Needs must be brief this evening, I have had work things to do today and it has fair worn me out. This is the press release that accompanied the video

Freddie Fox, Lorraine Pascale, Marvin Humes, Kate Garraway, Matt Richardson, Natalie Pinkham and Lucy Watson join forces to ask the UK what £1 means

Television, radio and music stars came together this March for the Live Below the Line campaign to film a video to raise awareness of the plight of the 1.2billion people around the world who have no choice but to live on less than £1/ day.

 The short film, narrated by Global Citizen ambassador Freddie Fox features Marvin Humes, Lucy Watson, Lorraine Pascale, Kate Garraway, Natalie Pinkham, Matt Richardson and members of the public talking about what they last spent £1 on to help illustrate how easy it is to spend £1 here in the UK.

 1.2billion people around the world live on less than £1 a day. To put this into perspective, that’s 1 in 6 people across the globe or 20 times the population of the UK. It’s a harsh reality for those who have to make impossible choices, every day, like spending that £1 on food for the family or medicine to stop them getting ill, or school for their children or clothing them instead.

 To help change this, Global Citizen – the movement to end extreme poverty by 2030, is again challenging people across the UK to Live Below the Line and eat and drink on £1 a day, for just 5 days, from 27th April – 1st May, raising awareness and vital funds for those who have no choice but do it every day.

 Members of the public can sign up NOW at www.livebelowtheline.com/uk and gain sponsorship to live on £1 a day, raising funds for Live Below the Line’s major charity partners including Action Against Hunger, Action Aid, Malaria No More UK, Save the Children UK, Send a Cow, Unicef UK, as well as 24 other UK charity partners.

 Freddie Fox is taking the challenge and will be putting his £1/ day with four friends’ £1 to host a dinner party for five on a fiver, helping to show the public that pooling the £1/ day budget with friends or family can make the food and drink go further.

 Freddie Fox, said: “I’m delighted to be an Ambassador for Global Citizen and to be taking part in the Live Below the Line challenge this year. This campaign is a profound and insightful experience that, in some small way, gives you the chance to put yourself in the shoes of those people around the globe that live below the poverty line.”

 From the film:

·         Freddie Fox last spent £1 on a cucumber

·         Lorraine Pascale last spent £1 on some apples from the market

·         Marvin Humes last spent £1 on a bottle of water

·         Kate Garraway last spent £1 on using the public toilet with her daughter at Euston Station

·         Matt Richardson last spent £1 on a cheeseburger

·         Natalie Pinkham last spent £1 on some milk

·         Lucy Watson last spent £1 on a parking metre



  1. Faith

    Wow, that’s so helpful, thank you!

  2. Lesley

    I know, £10 does sound luxurious at this level doesn’t it!
    I did some plain scones last year using just the flour and Best For Baking spread.

    As far as I can remember, I used the quantities as in this variation
    So 270g sr flour, 100g of the spread, nothing else except some water. They were lovely, and I had them with value jam I had bought with my £5
    You can make pastry very well using just the baking spread, it will be fine. I usually do pastry with value rape seed oil, which makes a lovely crispy, short, pastry. And is very easy to make to boot. Method here . Baking spread pastry will be delicious, short and lovely.

    As for the bread, value flour makes bread very well. You will need a bit of salt tho. If you can leave the bread to prove overnight, or even longer, it will have better flavour. Or do a mix days or weeks beforehand, keep it in the fridge and it will mature into sourdough, then use a tiny bit as a starter and use just flour and water, and you won’t need the yeast at all. All about Magic Dough here

  3. Lesley

    I think I’m going to construct another couple of lists, LBLUK seem to like them, and I like the challenge! I’ll have a go at doing one with sardines in 🙂

  4. Lesley

    I think I’m going to construct another couple of lists, LBLUK seem to like them, and I like the challenge! I’ll have a go at doing one with sardines in

  5. Faith

    Thanks so much for posting your LBTL ideas, which I’ve been reading with great interest. I’m considering doing LBTL again this year, although with the relative luxury of £10 to cover two of us.
    Would you mind if I asked if you have any recommendations about making bread, pastry and scones with only yeast, flour and baking spread available? Normally I’d bung some lard into bread and pastry, and add sugar to the bread and scones, but don’t think my budget will stretch that far.

  6. Katherine

    No sardines?
    It looks a healthy list. Morrisons have KTC chick peas at 99p if you are going to get them separately.
    Good luck with it.

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