Super cheap prescription glasses – from an amazing £6 a pair!

Nov 22, 2016 | 8 comments


Today’s post lovely people is a guest one, written for you by my brother. He is a super tight-wad, and always has been, right from when we were little, always looking for the best value he can get, even when we were talking pocket money. So, if Kevin says something is a bargain, you can be assured it really is. He’s writing for you today on his discoveries when buying spectacles.

cheap glasses

I had no idea specs could be acquired for such small amounts of cash. Makes going to Specsavers look extravagant!

Cheap glasses

cheap glasses


I  was in the market for some new glasses recently, and revisited a site I’ve had my (slightly blurred) eyes on for some time –

They offer prescription glasses, sunglasses (prescription or not) with all the usual variations.

They do lots of different frames, at lots of different prices, but……………. their prices start at £6 !!

There are loads to choose from at £11. This is the price of the frames, single vision lens are free!

What do you get for your cash?

cheap glasses

For that princely sum I got the frames and single vision prescription lens with anti-scratch coating, UV protection and anti-reflection. Delivery was £5.95 extra.

So for £16.95 I have a new pair of tailor made prescription glasses, delivered to my door. I don’t need to tell you this is incredibly cheap, even by my standards. And although I spend more than £1 per day on food, I generally regard myself as a hardcore bargain hunter.

Fast delivery

I ordered and paid for them online, on Thursday afternoon. They arrived the following Tuesday morning. I can now see what gender the fleas are on a dogs back.

My theory was, buy a cheap, basic pair just to try out the company and the service they offer. If they turned out OK (they did!) Then go for a posher pair with reactive lens (that go darker with sun) and other optional extras.

Fancy pants extras

cheap glasses

Buying more expensive frames, with photochromic lens and a few other fancy features will, it seems, cost around £60 or £70. This is still around half price compared to high street opticians, if not better. They also offer free delivery for anything over £75.

What you need to do

cheap glasses

You will need an up to date (within 2 years) prescription, and some idea of the sizes of the glasses you need. Arm length, bridge width etc etc. This is not as difficult as it sounds. I just took the measurements from my old pair. There is a special gauge available for a modest price, if you feel the need.

I had an eye test at my local Boots, free, because I’m over 60 and/or I haven’t had one for a while. When I found my old prescription it was dated 2005 ! Whoops.

Just take the prescription, and all the specs (sorry, I like puns) for the lenses will be listed. Enter these into the appropriate places on the order form and hey presto. If you are unsure of what goes where you can just send them a copy of your prescription.

Any downsides?

The only downside I can think of is you can’t try on the frames before you buy. But as they are based, with a shop, in north Kent, I might even drive up there, try some on and order them there and then.

They offer the same options as your local opticians, just much cheaper! For instance, bifocals £20, varifocals £25, bargains, one and all.

So I would recommend to any self respecting bargain hunter.

If you try them, let us know how you got on.



  1. Lesley

    James – I’m going to get some new ones soon. Only heard good things about them so far!

  2. James Johnston

    I used this company several years ago and bought a pair of rimless glasses for £32 total. Rimless glasses require total replacement when a prescription changes and they are exorbitant in High Street opticians. Hence my internet purchase. They needed adjustment at the ears and no optician would do this for me, surprise surprise. A video on YouTube showed how easily this can be achieved using a hairdryer to heat and bend them to fit. It’s as easy as that.

  3. Lesley

    Ooh, well done. I need to sort some out for myself, my long distance ones are held together with sticky tape!

  4. Nicola Daly

    Morning Lesley,
    Just wanted to let you know that I received my glasses from this morning and they are perfect.

    Thanks a million for the advise.
    That saving will go towards 4 new tyres for my car.

    Happy Xmas,

  5. Lesley

    Now that’s a good saving! Fantastic!

  6. Nicola Daly

    I’ve just had my eye test done in Specsavers and saw a pair that I liked for €125.00. Didn’t get them cos I forgot my card so just had enough to buy a box of lenses.
    Checked out this site after reading your blog post and they have almost identical ones for €13.99 plus €7.95 P&P. That’s over €100 cheaper.

    Thanks so much Lesley

  7. Lesley

    Maria – I’ve just had a look and they ship internationally, including to the US, so you can use them if you like

  8. Maria Chomentowski

    Amazing! I wonder if they have one in here in the US.

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