Millions of Cusheen toilet rolls. What are they like compared to others?

Jul 3, 2017 | 7 comments


A quickie for you today. Do you look at Groupon at all? I do, and occasionally I’ll buy something.

The Offer

Last week I saw that they were offering Cusheen toilet rolls at £11.99 for 60 or £22.99 for 120. They are 3ply (although see the verdict) and 145 sheets to a roll.

Cusheen toilet rolls

The Comparison

We seem to go through toilet rolls at a rate of knots, so I investigated. MySupermarket shows Saxon rolls in Aldi at 22.1p each, Asda have Shades at 31.3p each. I don’t know what the Saxon ones are like, but I do know that Smart Price ones in Asda are very thin and I don’t like them. When we get rolls from Asda, we get the Shades ones.

After looking around and comparing, I decided that it was worth a punt and plumped for the 120 rolls. There is an extra £1.99 p+p to pay whether you have 60 or 120 rolls. So a total of £24.98 for 120 rolls, making them 20.8p each.

Cusheen toilet rolls

The Verdict

They arrived within a few days and I’m pleased to say that they are pretty good quality, quite thick and substantial feeling and I’m very happy with them.

Although they are advertised (everywhere) as 3-ply, they are actually not, they’re 2-ply, although they don’t seem any the worse for that.

If you can afford the outlay and want to get some, this is the link to the Groupon offer. They are also available on Amazon and eBay, but at £16.99 for 60, making them 28.3p each, so probably not worth it.




  1. Lesley

    Afraid I’ve never been to a Farm Foods as there aren’t any nearby

  2. Andrea

    Are the Farm Food ones FSC?

  3. Lesley

    Thanks Jules. We don’t have one of those shops anywhere nearby either. Handy if you do though.

  4. Jules

    You can also get them from Home Bargains. X

  5. Lesley

    Ooh, thanks for that. We don’t have a farm foods remotely near us, but I know many do

  6. smallholderwannabe

    I meant to say 3 packs for £10 not 3 rolls……

  7. smallholderwannabe

    A little bit late to say but Farmfoods have Nicky loo roll. 3 ply and 170 sheets on a roll with 18 rolls in a pack. It normally costs £3.99 a pack but is currently on offer at 3 rolls for £10 which is 18.5p per roll for a nice quality paper. Their website has coupons and there is one for an extra £2.50 off a spend of £25 which makes it even better value. We don’t have a store very near us so I make a trip every so often and stock all the family up on loo rolls : )

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