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Aug 28, 2014 | 4 comments



IMG_1178For lunch today, I made the smelliest hoummous sandwich I have ever done! I purposely cooked extra chick peas last night so I could make hoummous today.

I put the chickpeas in the food processor with a large tblsp of garlic/ginger paste, 2 tblsps of mustard oil that I got from the Indian shop (I wanted the mustardy hum), a big dollop of caramelised onion chutney, a tblsp of lemon juice from a bottle and half a tsp of salt. Then gave it all a good whizz.

A very rough guide to costs is

100g dried chickpeas, 20p
tbslp garlic and ginger paste, £2.69/kg from Indian shop, 20g? 5p
tblsp lemon juice, 20p/500ml Approved Food, 1/2p
tblsp caramelised onion chutney. No idea how much this cost  me, currently showing in Asda on mySupermarket £1.78/320g, 50g? 28p
2 tbslp mustard oil, no idea how much this cost, say 10p
so a rough total of 63p for a 350g tub, Asda has some at £1 for 200g

I usually don’t bother with adding any oil into hoummous now. It doesn’t seem to make much difference to the texture or the flavour. I just wanted to see what the mustard oil would be like in it this time.

I completely forgot to measure how much the chick peas weighed. Not that I could have weighed them at that point. My digital scales have run out of battery again and I needed to pop into town to get another one. I wrote on the bottom the last time I changed the battery and that was 10th May, so they don’t last long.

IMG_1176The chick peas would have been a good tins worth. The resulting hoummous made a big pot and was very very delicious. I had it in a sandwich with grated carrot, yum YUM.





  1. Lesley

    Yes Anne, it was an interesting exercise and I have done the others now too.
    I thought that I was going to have to make lots of adjustments as my perception was that food had gone up a lot over the year, and that the basics type ranges were very depleted. So I was very pleased when it all still fitted together

  2. Anne @ Money Propeller

    I just found you via Elaine’s blog.
    This is fascinating!! It’s so interesting how some things have gone up in price while others have dropped, on a very specific basis.

  3. Lesley

    There are some real bargains there, thanks for the tips Cal

  4. Cal

    If you have a farmfoods near they sell bread 2 loaves for £1.30 making each loaf 65p, now wait for the best bit the bread inside is made by Hovis so it`s good quality bread that lasts for a few days before drying out, they also do onions for 69p, and if you have a home bargains near they do Maris Piper 2kg bags of potatoes for 55p.

    Also tesco do cheap 25p tins of chicken soup, not the tastiest but add a teaspoon of chicken gravy granules, and you have a nice tin of chicken soup for roughly 30p,then add that to potatoes, pasta and hey presto there is another decent pasta bake meal.

    Tesco also do real basic large tins of pineapples for 36p they taste great and ideal for eating or for including in meals, cakes with etc

    Great Blogg

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