LBLUK – Day 1

Apr 15, 2015 | 4 comments


One day down – four to go.

First up was breakfast. Porridge, made with water and served with jam to sweeten. I did modify the purchase here. I have lots and lots of pots of home made jam, so decided to use one of those. The one I chose is a damson jam made when I had a damson tree in the old house, so at least 9 years old! So as I had only had to pay for the sugar, I allowed that, rather than buy yet more jam.


I then had a WI visit to Ightham Mote, so modified my planned lunch to a transportable one of a salad. A jacket potato with butter melted in, mixed with raw grated carrot and parsnip and some chickpeas. Not bad at all

The visit was a guided walk and after my enforced resting via illness, I found it pretty hard going and ducked out of going round the house to go home. Just as well, as I developed a migraine and had to have a lay down. Can’t show you any pictures of the gloriousness of this lovely National Trust place as I left my phone at home, so no camera.

Dinner this evening was a melange. I didn’t feel like any faffing about, so another jkt potato. I sauted an onion in some butter, added a carrot and half a parsnip, chopped small, added the potato, diced, some chopped cabbage and more chickpeas. It was not bad, and filling, which is all I needed at this point.

Drunk water all day, and had to watch as friends had lovely fresh coffee, shortbread and scones at Ightham. Well done me!

By Sunday, I am going to be very tired of chickpeas šŸ˜‰



  1. Lesley

    Thanks Joy, using HM damson jam gives a lot more flavour than the value one. Glad I swapped it

  2. Joy

    I do the same thing re the jam. It just doesn’t make sense to buy more when you have some (and much better for the same price!).
    Good luck with these five days.
    J x

  3. Lesley

    I’m through the virus part, at last, just waiting for the final bits of coughing to go. Not much left now.
    What my challenge is now is building up my currently non-existent energy levels and getting my fitness back. I just get impatient and try and too much too soon thinking I’ll be alright, then get surprised when I’m not šŸ™‚

  4. Caterina

    The first day sounds lovely, I hope you will find different ways with chick peas, so you don’t get too fed up with them!

    Sorry to hear you are still under the weather,it is an awful virus isn’t it? I am on day 20 and trying to resume normal life but getting these big energy drops in the middle of the day.

    I hope you recovery fully soon and get your strength back. Good luck with the next few days, next year I hope to join the challenge too.

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