3 LBLUK plans, £5, 5 days, what would you make with these groceries?


3 LBLUK plans, £5, 5 days, what would you make with these groceries?

Katherine asked me yesterday how the latest LBLUK plan compared calorie wise with the others. The answer, not very well. It worked out to only 1500 calories a day, so not enough. I’ve had a bit of a tweak and managed to up the calories.

Govt. recommendations 2000-2500 calories, 10-35% protein, 20-35% fat, 45-65% carb, 25g fibre pppd

so the adjusted plan is

2.5kg potatoes £0.49
1kg carrots £0.49
1kg onions £0.59
2 tins tomatoes £0.62
250g baking spread £0.39
510g chicken leg qtrs £1.09
tin kidney beans £0.23
185g tuna £0.69
800g wholemeal loaf £0.40
Total £4.99
calories 9458 1892
fat 283 27%
protein 389 16%
carb 1535 65%
fibre 205 41

calories close enough for me, as a woman,  to  2000

as I had mis-calculated this one, I checked the other two

500g leeks £0.29
1kg carrots £0.49
250g beetroot £0.45
2 tins tomatoes £0.62
250g baking spread £0.39
value marmalade or jam £0.27
2 tins sardines in oil £0.74
800g wholemeal loaf £0.40
tin kidney beans £0.23
500g penne £0.29
1kg oats £0.75
Total £4.92
calories 11623 2325
fat 340 26%
protein 410 14%
carb 1819 63%
fibre 268 54


kg onions £0.59
kg carrots £0.49
savoy cabbage £0.59
best for baking £0.39
jam/marmalade £0.27
2 x toms £0.62
500g chick peas £1.09
1.5kg flour £0.45
Total £4.49
calories 10396 2079
fat 251 22%
protein 321 12%
carb 1825 70%
fibre 168 34

quite happy with that.  I’ll need to decide which one to do, or I might change it all again, depending what is on Aldi’s Super 6 that week. I’m going to have a look at my diary to see which week I can fit it into.

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  1. Katherine

    Well done for all three.

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