A quick lunch in the grit and grime

Jul 3, 2014 | 1 comment


Snatched a very quick lunch today amongst the grit and grime. DP had bought a crispy baquette up the paper shop. He ‘goes to buy a paper’ every day, first thing, and he can be gone for an hour or more. He has a conversation with everyone he sees and comes back with all the gossip.

It’s very strange when it’s raining hard, he uses the car then and is back in five minutes. Speaking of rain, I had to get the hose out today. Our garden is heavy wet clay and the decorative plants are those that like it like that. We haven’t had any rain here in our bit of East Sussex for WEEKS.

I have been hanging on, hoping for a decent shower, but they are really suffering now, wilting in the heat with the clay baking round their feet. The forecast reckons rain everywhere on Saturday, so that’ll go down well. Sorry for those who work a Monday to Friday week. Hot, hot, hot all week, wet on a day off.

Anyway, back to lunch. I used a chunk of baquette, spread it with a little butter, and the teeniest smidgen of anchovy paste. It was too salty like that, so I added thick slices of cucumber, and it was delicious! Have you tried anything like that?


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  1. Sarah

    No, but I think I might have that for lunch one day this week, thanks for the suggestion.

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