Meal Plan 8 – Cabbage Pancakes & Sweet Chilli 8p a serving

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This is breakfast on days 3 and 6 for Meal Plan 8. Lovely, crispy, savoury pancakes. Filling, warming and satisfying.

75g white cabbage, 58p/kilo, 5p
100g self raising flour, valu 45p/1.5kg, 3p
15ml veg oil, Asda £1.25/litre, 2p
10g sweet chilli sauce, Asda 150ml/£1, 6p

Total cost 16p, 8p per serving
Serves 2, per serving, 243 calories, 6g protein, 7g fat, 38g carbs

Chop the cabbage finely and cook it. I did mine for 4 minutes, with a tblsp of water, in a covered dish in the microwave.

Add the slightly cooled cabbage to the flour and stir in enough water to make a batter. Heat a large frying pan with half the oil and drop in spoonfuls of batter. Cook gently  until the top side has set, then flip over and add the remaining oil. Cook until crisp on both sides and serve immediately with the chilli sauce drizzled over

If you are not following meal plan 8, the cabbage can be swapped out for any other vegetable that you want to use.  Kale, or other dark green leafy veg, grated carrot, leftover garlicky roasted veg, peas, artichokes, mashed swede etc etc



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