Home made greetings cards, save a bundle if you want to give Christmas cards

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Greetings cards

Something a bit different today. I make lots of greetings cards, in many different ways. I used to work in IT in a different life, so I can play around on a desktop publisher pretty easily, which I know not everyone can. I find an image I like, scan it and print it onto photo finish paper, just using an ordinary home printer. I might play around with what it looks like first, making it sepia tinted, or black and white, looking like a painting, or other things. They print out beautifully, the quality is just as good as a photo. I cut them up and paste them onto card weight paper, maybe doing a line round the outside of the image with a gold or silver pen

christmas lights

Scan pictures

Many different things will scan well. I did some lovely ones once of flowers from the garden that I laid on the scanner bed and covered with a piece of white paper. So this time of year, leaves, berries, pinecones, ferns would all work well.

Then I fold the card into half and carefully press the fold so it is nice and sharp. Then I print off an inner sheet using ordinary weight paper with a background graphic of words on it. Then slice off a little bit to make it very slighter smaller, fold it over and stick it inside. It makes for a beautiful, professional looking card.One of the other ways I do them is to get some card weight paper from the local stationery shop. Don’t get those little packs to ‘make greetings cards with’, they are very over priced. I would be looking to pay just a few pence per A4 sized piece of card. Then I use wrapping paper, fancy napkins separated, or old cards to stick on the front, and put the inner part in, in the same way

I have loaded up the inner cards so you can use them if you like, they are on a tab at the top of the page. There are several variations, have a look to see if you like any of them. I have also loaded up a few images to get you started, but there are 1000’s of images on the web, Google a few and see what you can find.

If you don’t want to do any of that. Get the card from the stationers, print out some inners and dig out last years cards if you still have them and get cutting and pasting. Or you could buy a single pack of fancy Christmas paper napkins. Separate out the individual sheets and use those. I like to use an A4 sheet of card folded in half best, you get room to stick things on and it fits a standard envelope. Kids tend to love this kind of thing, and it’s a great project to keep them occupied, or to do together, especially when we have been having such wet days like recently

Happy Birthday Card

A couple of images for a Happy Birthday Card

happy birthday card

happy birthday card


Christmas Greeting Cards

Here’s a couple of Christmas Greetings Card images

christmas greeting card

christmas greeting cards

Get Well Cards

And these cute Get Well Soon ones

get well cards

get well cards

These images are all copyright free and come from a site called Pixabay. Due to the size limitations of blog pictures, these images can be found at a much bigger resolution on Pixabay, along with, literally, thousands of others. Fantastic for greeting cards images


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  1. Chris

    Thanks for these. They are just what l was looking for to make cards with my grandchildren. X

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