Egg, Lentil, Raisin, Puy & Curry Sandwich, 29p a serving

Lunch today was a sandwich I discovered on one of Hugh Fearnley-Whiitingstall’s programmes and in one of his books, Veg Every Day

It sounds a very odd combination, (well it did to me anyway, much as I use lentils, in a sandwich?) a boiled egg, a handful of lentils, mayo to moisten and raisins to sweeten, but it is a sandwich that I have had several times now and one I really look forward to when I have planned it in for my lunch and I do urge you to try it. It makes a substantial sandwich, that really fills me up and tastes really lovely, and at 29p will fit in with a £1 a day budget.

  • 2 slices bread, 47p loaf, 4p
  • hard boiled egg, Asda £3.10/30 eggs, 10p
  • 50g cooked lentils, keep them quite firm
  • most lentils are 20p/100g dried, so 5p. If using Puy, they would be 14p
  • tsp curry powder, Asda £1.10/80g, 3p
  • 20g raisins, Asda £2.87/1kg, 6p
  • tblsp mayonnaise, Asda 40p/500ml, 1p

Just mix everything together in a bowl and then squish it all between two slices of bread and enjoy. Keeps well in a lunch box without going mushy

a few green leaves would be nice, spinach from the garden perhaps, or a bit of lettuce, or maybe a few herb leaves, basil or parsley

you could use any dried fruit to add that note of sweetness; sultanas, currants etc

you could use the mix in a pitta or wrap, or on top of a jkt potato, or with some crudite (carrot batons and celery perhaps)

per sandwich, 426 calories, 57g carb, 12g fat, 21g protein


puy lentil sandwich



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