Photo calendar. Family fun and make something for Nan and Grandad for pennies

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Photo calendar. Family fun and make something for Nan and Grandad for pennies


How to make a family photo calendar

I have had a little look at Word etc to find a calendar for 2020 and found this one in Excel.  If you are au fait with desk top publishers, most of them will have this kind of photo calendar. You can then load digital copies of your photos before printing the pages off.

This calendar is in Excel and you can find it by going into File / New and searching for photo calendar in the Template section. You can then load your own images before printing it.

Making your calendar

First of all, download this pdf file and print it off Family calendar 2022 – pdf

Or create your own one in Excel, like this one, and update the pictures with your own ones, enter family birthdays etc on the appropriate dates. 

Once you have printed it, try and have some kind of card weight paper on the front if you can. Maybe with (your name) Family Calendar 2022 on it in big letters They could be letters cut from magazines, or decoupage the whole page, or watercolour wash it and stick your best picture in the top third.


What Shall I Put In It?

Or you could make one of those cut out snowflakes from a sheet of paper and stick that on, or a pretty paper napkin, unfolded, ironed straight and the sheets separated. If you are handy with a needle, you could maybe do something in cross-stitch and stick that on, or a simple patchwork thing the right size.

Or make a pot holder for the recipient and attach the calendar to the back of that in such a way that s/he can detach the pot holder from the calendar so s/he can use both. Or you could scan something interesting, or find an image on the web, or use a photo of the recipient, or maybe a picture of you/the kids/the whole family/the house in last winters snow

You can then punch holes in the pages along the top, with a hole punch, or screwdriver on a chopping board. One for the adults this, the kids can do the artwork, but this needs an adults steady hand. Then thread some colourful string/raffia/wool/whatever through the holes to keep the whole thing together

The attached one can be printed off, then you can add your own pictures. Of your children or pets maybe, or any images that you like. Or maybe the children could make little pictures and stick them on.

You could write on family birthdays, a date that you are inviting them round for dinner, planned family celebrations, anything that you think important. Nans and Grandads usually love this kind of thing and  it hardly costs anything in cash terms

If you want to use those tiny calendars to stick on, all stationers will have them and they cost very little



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