Wild Garlic Pesto revisited, 15p including pasta using foraged garlic


Wild Garlic Pesto revisited, 15p including pasta using foraged garlic

These are the lovely, and pungent, flowers of the Wild Garlic

These are the lovely, and pungent, flowers of the Wild Garlic

Revisited Wild Garlic Pesto today, the very first recipe I posted back in June 2013.

The wild garlic is in the woods from now until the middle/end of June’ish. It has a strong aroma of garlic and has triangular profiled leaves, so is fairly easy to identify. I have a patch in my garden that I use. If you plant some, treat it with caution as it is very invasive.

Changed the recipe this time – of course!

Having done so many recipes now on the theme of £1 a day, I know a bit more about frugalising.

This time, I used
100g wild garlic, picked from the garden
50g onion, 3p
50g peanuts, Asda redskin 94p/250g, 19p
200ml oil, Asda £1.25/litre, 25p
50g mature cheddar, Asda £4.82/kg, 24p
0.5 tsp salt
0.5 tsp sugar
72p total

If I’d had any, I would have used value salted peanuts. Either as they were and not add any salt, or rinsed of salt.

This amount will dress pasta for 8, so 9p for the pesto plus 100g of value pasta, 6p/100g. A dish of fragrant and delicious, garlicky pasta for 15p – billy bargain!

If you forage or grow wild garlic leaves, they can be used in many different ways

I have used them as the greenery in a sandwich, snipped generally over pasta, and many other dishes, much like chives. It is delicious on bruschetta, with or without a generous smear of value soft cheese. And that combination is wonderful in a sandwich, or on a jacket potato.
It is, of course, a pesto, so can be used as a flavouring in soups and stews, smeared over chicken and all the other ways that you may use pesto.

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  1. Lesley

    Have you had trouble finding it Sue? It is so common in East Sussex, it is everywhere. I thought it was widespread throughout the UK
    Still, now you’ve found it, you won’t go short, it spreads like mad

  2. Sue

    I’ve just managed to find some wild garlic growing locally in some woods … I’ve been on a mission for years.

    I had it with pasta and parmesan the other night and there is still some in the fridge so I think I’ll make a batch of pesto and freeze it, it’s only fair that Lovely Hubby gets to sample some of it too 🙂

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